Easily secure unmanaged and BYO devices

Go beyond traditional SSO and MFA with advanced contextual access

If there’s one struggle every IT professional will face, it’s the rise of flexible work policies. On the one hand, empowering your remote workforce to use their own devices can go a long way in promoting productivity. At the same time, it’s your job to ensure company data isn’t compromised. And with web application attacked accounting for almost half of data breaches in 20201, the risks to your corporate environment increase each time an unmanaged or BYO device is used to access the cloud. With a zero-trust security solution that goes beyond traditional single sign-on and multi-factor authentication, you can allow employees to securely access the apps and data they need to be successful while protecting corporate information from unauthorized users.

Keep browser-based threats at bay

Browsing the internet can expose your data to all kinds of vulnerabilities. An estimated 53% of employees are using personal laptops for work, often with no new tools to secure them2, causing constant concerns over data leakage, dangerous app downloads and unsafe content3. With Citrix Secure Workspace Access, you won’t have to worry. Citrix Secure Browser is a hosted browser that provides an isolated browser session, ensuring browser-based threats won’t reach your corporate resources with enhanced security policies. And when other browsers are used outside of Citrix Workspace, any threats from malicious websites are instantly isolated. Because this cloud-based browser is stateless and discarded at the end of each session, any malicious software encountered while browsing the web will be kept at bay.

Protect against malware

Malware that lives on unmanaged and BYO devices can pose a serious risk to corporate resources, with the potential to infect entire networks. And when it comes to threats like keyloggers and screen-capturing malware, just one small user mistake can cost organizations as much as $3.86 million4. But while corporate-managed devices go through regular health checks to ensure they meet security requirements, the same steps are not always taken on personal ones. Since you can’t defend against infected devices without those insights, a different approach is needed. That’s why Citrix Secure Workspace Access follows a zero-trust approach to security—one that keeps IT in control while ensuring your users can stay productive on managed, unmanaged and BYO devices alike.

Get the cloud security you need

More of the world’s employees are working from home than ever before, and the vast majority are using personal devices to access the cloud. Traffic from unmanaged and BYO devices has doubled as a result, leading to massive growth in corporate cloud attacks.5 You could reduce your risks by limiting access. But with such widespread use of cloud services and SaaS-based apps, you’d severely impact productivity. A better option is to unify access to apps and simplify end user authentication—while still enforcing security and privacy standards. Citrix Secure Workspace Access lets you do just that. Whether in the embedded browser or through Citrix Secure Browser, you can restrict activities as needed— from copying, pasting and printing to downloading and watermarking—based on which users are requesting access, what devices and networks they’re using and other critical factors.

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