Finish document workflows fast—without frustration

Simplify feedback and approvals to break down bottlenecks

Every day, 294 billion emails are sent1. Most of these emails contain files, and each file has a job to do. However, the sheer volume of documents that need our feedback, approval, and sign off can easily overwhelm us. If we can digitize and automate these repetitive workflow processes, we can boost our productivity and lower our frustration. It’s time to speed our document approvals with a content collaboration platform that puts the flow back into workflow.

Save time on every review

Imagine having 45% of your most routine approval tasks done for you. That’s how much McKinsey says can be automated with existing technology2. Citrix Content Collaboration automates document workflows instead of emailing each version back and forth. This lets you review and approve changes with a single click. Once approved, the document automatically moves on to the next stakeholder in the process, breaking down barriers to efficiency so you can focus on higher value work.

Gather feedback in one place

Document collaboration is important, but keeping track of feedback from every stakeholder gets frustrating fast. What if you never had to waste time searching emails, chat messages, or version histories to know where a document stood in the revision process? Citrix Content Collaboration brings all feedback and approvals together in a shared view of each document. This means employees can effortlessly track revisions in real time, eliminating confusion and collaborating more efficiently.

Speed up legal approvals

From contracts to purchase orders to NDAs, your business has to collect hundreds of legal signatures for everyday operations. Relying on paper documents for these signatures not only slows down approvals, but also increases the risk of those documents being lost, stolen, or damaged. Citrix Content Collaboration offers an integrated RightSignature tool to digitize this legal approval process, cutting admin time by 93%. By delivering a secure link to a single signer or group, employees can quickly capture legally-binding eSignatures fast and never worry about losing a document.

Citrix Content Collaboration electronic signature

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