Webinar Event Citrix ITM Master Class
Aug 15 2019
Event Details

Aug 15, 2019


Join us as we take a look at Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management (ITM) technologies and how they can help your business. Citrix ITM delivers visibility into internet conditions and can act upon the anomalies it discovers with granular traffic steering to help you ensure your sites are available and your content finds its way to the user in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Each month, we will examine some of the basic features of ITM in our “101” section as well as examining a spotlight section that might dive deeper into a functionality of ITM or investigate integrations and or deployment scenarios.

The Master Class webinar will last about 60 minutes and will afford you the opportunity to ask questions. If you’re new to Citrix ITM or an old hand we think there will be something for you.


  • 101 - How Citrix ITM can help you select the best Citrix Gateway for your users
  • Spotlight - Citrix ITM detected recent large internet outages in June and July. Find out how our customer, Mux, used ITM to protect their business
Guest speaker
Jason Poole, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Citrix Networking