Citrix ADC NDcPP Release 12.1 build 55.265

Release Date: Apr 12, 2022


For list of Enhancements and Known issues refer to the Release Notes.

This build is only qualified to upgrade existing VPX FIPS instance or MPX 8900/15000-50G FIPS platforms. If you have existing VPX (Non FIPS) instance, or any other MPX/SDX platform, do not use this build. For any other MPX/SDX platform, VPX instance use the general GA builds available on the download site.

For detailed information and documentation for the release refer to Citrix ADC VPX FIPS 12.1 & Citrix ADC MPX FIPS 12.1

For information on the Common Criteria certification pertaining to this build, please refer to the validation report




Release 12.1 Build 55.276 (nCore)

Apr 12, 2022
626M - (.tgz) Download File
  • SHA-256 - 4a7ef99c25e61e8ee679072d3eadc3a432619f3a2ccf4e5902506bc1f99b8b73