Evaluate your Citrix site health with Smart Check

Get started with Citrix Smart Check

The Smart Check feature of Citrix Smart Tools enables you to run a variety of health checks on your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Site. With Smart Check, you can find and fix issues before your users are impacted.

And as a Customer Success Services (CSS) subscriber, you have exclusive access. Get started with the following resources:

Get the big picture

Check out this blog written by Citrix Smart Tools Engineering to learn how you can use Citrix Smart Check to proactively monitor the health of your Virtual Apps and Desktops on-premises sites.

Set up Smart Check

This guide helps you quickly set up your on-premises Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.x site with Smart Check so you can stay informed about any potential issues that might affect your end users.

Run health checks

Discover the simplicity of how Smart Check helps you operate your Virtual Apps and Desktops on-premises sites by proactively executing health checks, finding common issues, and recommending solutions.

Start diagnosing and addressing potential issues in your site.