Lifecycle Milestones for Citrix AppDNA

The Citrix AppDNA product line follows the typical lifecycle policies and definitions described in more detail on the Lifecycle Phases and Lifecycle Milestones pages. Product specific information follows below.

For each major release of AppDNA software, customers will receive a minimum lifecycle of three years. The lifecycle consists of a mainstream maintenance phase for at least the first two years followed by an extended maintenance phase for the remainder of the lifecycle. The specific dates for each major release of the product will be posted within the Product Matrix Table or Legacy Product Matrix Table.

Code level maintenance is provided by Hotfixes, Hotfix Rollup Packs, or updated versions. When an updated version is released, it will supersede the previous versions unless otherwise noted by Citrix. Citrix will typically support one version back (the current version and the previous version) but maintenance will only occur on the most recent version. Often to resolve specific issues, Citrix may require upgrading to the latest version. Functionality in previous versions will not be modified, enhanced or altered once an updated version is available.

Note: These lifecycle guidelines are effective as of September 2012 and are applicable beginning with the AppDNA 6.1 release. These guidelines will not be retroactively applied to earlier versions of the product.

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