Citrix Services Delivery Program

Exclusive Benefits

Start now and become a Certified Services Delivery Partner to receive the following benefits:

Designation as a Tier One Delivery Partner

We’ll recommend you to customers based on the NPS scores you receive on Partner Services you deliver.

Advanced Services Training

Advanced training designed to give you the same skills and knowledge as our in-house consultants.

Preferred Pricing

You’ll receive a 33% discount on Partner Services you deliver.

Membership in our Virtual Bench

Capture more business! We’ll send customers your way whenever we have excess demand for services we cannot satisfy, or when we lack the expertise with third party integration that a customer may need.

Customers overwhelmingly trust Citrix Consulting with mission critical deployments.

of customers chose Citrix Consulting due to their technical expertise1

or higher reduction in project duration by customers with Citrix Consulting1

of customers have seen a return on investment in six months or less1

Now partners can take advantage of the same benefits that has made Citrix a trusted advisor.

Prepackaged Offerings

Our Services Delivery Program offerings leverage our proven Citrix methodology, coupled with extensive field experience to help you take each project through the critical steps from inception to operation.

We’ll give you the tools and knowledge to make sure your projects are properly planned and designed before implementation begins so that the end result minimizes risk.


Phase:    Define  |  Assess  |  Design  |  Deploy  |  Manage

     Virtualization Solution

Phase Description
Assess XenApp/XenDesktop Infrastructure Assessment:
Evaluates the technical infrastructure and business processes as they relate to successfully delivering applications and desktops using Citrix solutions. Consists of interactive sessions with client personnel to discuss characteristics of the technical environment and related business processes while sharing proven best practices and field experiences.
Assess XenApp/XenDesktop Issue Resolution:
Addresses identified issues with the Citrix environment (potentially after an Infrastructure Assessment) based on prioritization of business impact and resolution urgency. Thoroughly document the issues, resolution, and additional steps that should be taken as a result of the engagement.
Design XenApp/XenDesktop Design:
Gather business requirements for desktop virtualization, then define and document the design of a Citrix Virtualization infrastructure.
Deploy XenDesktop Core Build:
Assist in building the core XenDesktop/XenApp environment including the required backend resources. Core components include Delivery Controllers, StoreFront or Web Interface Servers, SQL Server data store, Licensing Server, and remote access. Additionally, desktop and/or server images will be installed and configured leveraging Citrix Provisioning Technologies.
Deploy XenDesktop Pilot Deployment:
Assist in leveraging the FlexCast Delivery Technologies that meet your customer’s business and technical requirements. This engagement is multi-phase and varies in length depending on project complexity. The objective is to get as many users into a production environment quickly and safely. Achieving this objective involves conducting review sessions to gather requirements, validating use cases, designing the environment to support each use case, conducting environment and user testing, and deploying the environment to a limited number of users in a pilot capacity.

New Services Delivery Kits for Citrix Cloud & Networking launching later in 2017!

1 Source: TechValidate Survey (Citrix Sponsored, Internal), 2014