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Answers to most common questions can be found in our FAQ section below. If further assistance is need, please fill out the Request Support Form, and a Customer Service Representative will contact you within one business day.

Account Management

Partners looking to obtain customer contract, organization id, or company account number can log into Partner Central to view this information. If your customer has assigned you as a “Renewal Partner”, refer to CTX206170 – How to locate customer information on Partner Central.

  • If your customer has not assigned you as a “Renewal Partner” contact the customer so that they can assign you visibility.

Customer company administrators can restrict access to specific options on My Account as an added security measure. For details, refer to CTX126336 – Updating Company and Contact Information on a Citrix Account - Customer

Partner company administrators can restrict access to specific options on Partner Central as an added security measure. For details, refer to CTX130452 – How to update company and contact information on a Citrix account - Partner

Customers seeking to change the account name of their company will need to open a Customer Service case to have the request completed. Requesters should be prepared to supply one of the following:

  • A press release
  • A legal document showing purchase or acquisition of the company
  • A request on company letterhead referencing previous and new company names, i.e. from ABC to XYZ

To submit a case for processing, complete the Customer Service web form here.

Customers and Partners that need to add/edit account contacts, phone & fax numbers, addresses, or URLs via the Citrix online portal.

To customize restrictions you will need to select or change the Access Model on the My Account portal. Refer to CTX130127 - Select or Change the Access Model on My Account for instructions

Citrix customers requesting to transfer licenses from one account to another can refer to CTX129209 - How to request to move or transfer Citrix products and licenses to a different account in order to review the requirements and instructions pertaining to opening a Customer Service case for this request.

Citrix customers requesting to merge multiple account records/assets into single account because of acquisition, duplication of accounts or downsizing can submit a case for review by submitting a request with Customer Service via the Request Support Form.

Must supply one of the following:

  • A press release or legal document showing the acquisition or change of company name.
  • A formal request on company letterhead.  The letter must contain the previous company name as well as the new company name as well as include an executive level signature.
  • If request is to merge duplicate accounts that have all the same information, no supporting documentation is required


If you are having issues accessing a company network via a Citrix web Interface, using one of the Citrix Clients, refer to Receiver and Plug-ins - Citrix eDocs or Citrix Workspace App – Citrix eDocs for assistance.

Customers requiring a Citrix invoice for a payment, billable receipt or confirmation should refer to CTX139671-How to Search for Invoices Online for instructions on how to search and retrieve an invoice. If the document is not retrievable via the portal, submit a Customer Service case via the Request Support Form - provide the following:

  • Provide Citrix Sales Order Number, PO# or Invoice#
  • Provide preferred email address for the invoice

Version upgrades are provided to Citrix customers as a benefit of Maintenance; refer to articles CTX137264 - Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions on Product Upgrades and CTX140343 - How to upgrade Citrix product licenses for requirements and instructions pertaining to the upgrade process.

For information about our programs:

As required by law, the My Account portal checks all accounts and contacts against the US Embargo Restrictions List. Any company or name flagged as a match is denied access to My Account while the system performs additional internal verifications.

  • Elements of the company or contact name may match entities on the US Embargo List and must be verified by the Citrix Global Trade Compliance Team.
  • If you receive the “access denied” error message, there is a mandatory 6-hour waiting period before access can be attempted again.
  • If access is still denied after the mandatory 6-hour waiting period, submit a Customer Service case by submitting the Request Support form.


For the allocation of licenses from one license server to another; refer to CTX115870 - How to Reallocate a License File for instructions.

Customers interested in evaluating Citrix solutions for software products can obtain a FREE trial version of that product at

Partners preparing to demonstrate Citrix products to clients or setup their internal environment and need to acquire a Demo or Partner Use license; refer to CTX118564 - How to obtain Partner Demo and Use licenses for step-by-step instructions.

Partners should refer to CTX200013 - How to allocate/reallocate Partner Use licenses for instructions on allocating and generating license files.

To request a license split, a Customer Service case must be opened by submitting the Request Support form.

Can't get connections on the licensing server, unable to allocate licenses, etc.? Looking for a single point of access to narrow down and help you resolve your issue, refer to CTX214306 - Basic Licensing Troubleshooting  

Cloud Service

For instructions, reference the Sign up for Citrix Cloud – Citrix eDoc.

  • If you are an existing Citrix customer but new to the Citrix Cloud, refer to this section for instructions:  Sign up as an existing Citrix customer and new to Citrix Cloud.
  • If you are a new Citrix customer, refer to this section for your specific instructions:  Sign up as a new Citrix customer.

You can extend your cloud service products, by contacting your Cloud Extension Representative or Citrix Partner. You can also generate an extension quote online via DOTI for Cloud.

Maintenance & Support Renewals

Partners in need of access to view a customer's license(s) to quote for renewal or extension of maintenance, must be listed as the “Renewal Partner”.

For step-by-step instructions on renewing product licenses with maintenance through Partner Central, refer to CTX126192 - Maintenance Program Renewal Guide – Partner.

For online payments; refer to Transacting a Maintenance Program Renewal/Upgrade quote section of CTX126171 - Maintenance Program Renewal Guide - Customer

If you do not pay for your renewal online with a credit card, refer to CTX137485 - Banking, Invoice and Renewal payment information.

For general Customer Service inquires chat live with us.

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