Let us proactively manage your environment

Managed Services

Managed Services takes an unconventional approach to consulting so that you gain the greatest value with lower costs and minimal need for oversight.

Resolve Citrix staffing challenges

We provide long-term staff stability, ‘evergreen’ expertise, burst capacity, and 24x7x365 coverage.

Expedite solutions to complex issues

Unlike other consultants, we have direct-line access to Citrix Engineers, Architects, & Product managers so we can solve even the most difficult issues, fast.

Reduce downtime & improve user experience

CMS includes monitoring/alerting, support, proactive optimization, and day-to-day updates/maintenance.

Citrix Managed Services make a big impact with a low profile and affordable costs

Maintaining the stability, health and reliability of your Citrix infrastructure is a major undertaking—and many IT teams don’t have enough resources or the right tools and expertise. That's why Citrix Consulting developed our Managed Services; explore our unique capabilities below.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy, reliable IT environment, but it can distract you from strategic projects. Our team sets and fine-tunes thresholds, configures alerts and provides 24/7 automated monitoring of Citrix infrastructure components, from licenses to servers. Information about performance counters, events and services provides visibility into day-to-day health and performance, and helps us to spot trends and patterns so that you can remediate issues before they become a problem.

User Expansion

Obtaining full value from a new Citrix solution requires timely rollout to your user base. This engagement accelerates onboarding of new users following completion of a Citrix Consulting pilot or project. Our services include supporting your rollout plan, identifying user groups and workflows, configuring the Citrix environment, adding users to groups, onboarding and providing automated monitoring. After adding new users, we’ll continue monitoring the effects of the release and make any required changes to optimize performance and functionality.

Infrastructure Stabilization

This engagement brings your Citrix environment to a steady state without disruptions. Our team works behind the scenes to stabilize your infrastructure by targeting and fixing a defined set of issues. Our services include an environment assessment, root cause analysis, and change, release, and configuration management. We also provide proactive monitoring and a service desk to manage, track and address stabilization items.

Infrastructure Management

Rest assured—our Managed Services team has your Citrix infrastructure under control. To optimize system uptime, we work proactively to make sure patches and upgrades are handled promptly and smoothly. We also work reactively to address pain points. Citrix-specific monitoring and alerting minimize the impact of unforeseen issues. This offering includes a health check of the Citrix stack, problem management, capacity planning, and change and release management. Integration with your support desk allows us to address existing trouble tickets and handle new ones. Our team is also available for expansion planning, including rollout assistance for onboarding new users.