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1 Hit the

There’s a whole university of best-practice advice waiting for you in the Citrix Knowledge Center: support.citrix.com

If you haven’t visited in a while, get back in there – we’re always updating the Knowledge Center.
Thomas Berger, Citrix Consultant

2 Ask your

Being a Citrix Administrator doesn’t have to be a lonely job. Thousands of your peers use the Forums every day to ask questions and help each other out. forums.citrix.com/support

The collective experience in the Citrix forums is nothing short of awesome..
Stephane Thirion, Citrix CTP

3 Build your
team’s skills

It’s hard to know what you don’t know. Citrix Education is a great way to become a Citrix expert on any product. training.citrix.com.

Citrix Synergy events accelerate in-depth product knowledge acquisition via Self-paced Learning Labs, TechEdge and Ask the Expert.
Ronan O’Brien, Citrix Educator

4 Set up a test

The most successful project teams set up a lab so they can test drive new features, model changes and conduct user acceptance or hotfix testing. The Virtual Computing Demo Center (VCDC) can help.

An accurate test environment is solid gold.
Dan Allen, Citrix Consultant

5 Analyze your environment,

Try AppDNA software for free, a powerful tool that makes it easy to test--and fix--application compatibility issues when migrating application or OS versions. Then, once your environment is running, use the free, online Auto Support tool to provide automated troubleshooting and proactive health-checks: taas.citrix.com/AutoSupport

Reduce the cost, time, and risk associated with any application migration project using Citrix AppDNA
Samit Patel, Sr. Director Systems Engineer

6 Get architecture and
design best practices

No virtualization project is an island. Listen closely to your colleagues in networking, security, desktops and apps. No one person can know it all! For desktop projects, the Project Accelerator tool can help – it’s a free, online platform that translates our own (and other users’) accumulated experience into a best practices roadmap customized to your environment.

Virtualization is a team sport.
Martin Zugec, Citrix Consultant

7 Get even closer
to your users

The best administrators don’t just react to issues. They get out there and spend time with users.

If your users aren’t happy, you’ll know.
Shane Kleinert, JDL Technologies

8 Get social

Citrix Support engineers monitor our social channels:

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/citrixsupport

Twitter: twitter.com/citrixsupport

It’s amazing how much help you can pack into 140 characters.
Stephanie Roper, Social Media & Online Community Technical Specialist

9 Get insurance

Self-support is a viable approach, but with the new Premier Support program, most businesses can afford the backing of the people who made the software. And don’t forget the other support offers, too.

I thought we couldn’t afford Citrix support. Turns out, we can.
T Kreidl, Senior Programmer, Northern Arizona University

Here to help.

Everything we do at Citrix Services is done to make our customers more successful. Follow the principles above – and use the resources – and you’ll be in great shape.