Accelerate employee onboarding

Increase speed and agility during mergers, acquisitions, and seasonal staffing

For new workers to be productive, they need fast access to apps and data. But onboarding hundreds or thousands of remote users comes with all kinds of challenges—especially at a time when many companies are contending with hiring frenzies and hybrid work models. An estimated 70% of IT leaders have seen a surge in help desk tickets when supporting off-site employees, with slow internet connections, VPN issues, and poor video calls most often to blame1.  In response, many are in search of innovative technologies to better support expansion goals2. Because the faster you can onboard new users, the more competitive your business will be. 

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of IT leaders have seen a surge in help desk tickets

Executive summary

  • When your company needs to onboard new users fast, having the right digital workspace technology is key.
  • By rapidly deploying IT resources to new users, businesses can stay productive during mergers, acquisitions, and seasonal staffing.
  • Citrix solutions streamline employee onboarding to increase agility, boost security, and improve the user experience. 


Business outcomes

Deploy fast

Some organizations are increasing dependency on contingent workers3. Others are experiencing spikes in seasonal hiring4. And for many, record M&A activity5 is creating the need to unify teams across multiple locations. In each of these scenarios, the outcome is the same: You need to onboard a lot of new users fast—and you don’t have the luxury of doing it in person. With Citrix, you won’t have to. Give new hires full access to virtual apps and desktops with desktop as a service (DaaS) solutions that can be provisioned (and deprovisioned) as needed. And replace your VPN with zero trust network access (ZTNA) so temporary staff can get to work fast. Simply choose the options that work best for your business. Then rapidly deploy IT resources to every device and user, regardless of location.

Unburden IT

As your hybrid workforce expands, so does the need for more IT resources. Some teams will need to hire additional staff to support local users, while others may require specialized skills. Unfortunately, this is often difficult to achieve. An overwhelming 91% of surveyed organizations say traditional IT no longer works in the digital era, and 40% are seeing increases in tech turnover and burnout6. So if you’re looking for ways to reduce the burden on IT, the time to act is now. One of the simplest ways to do this is with cloud-based employee onboarding solutions—ones that can be managed right alongside existing on-premises investments. You can eliminate the need for manual patches and updates with DaaS, and avoid delays from VPN configurations by delivering zero trust access instead. Your employees and contractors will be up and running in hours, and you’ll have more time to focus on high-value priorities.

Boost security and performance

There’s more to digital employee onboarding than speed of deployment. You need to protect applications and data, too. But too often, the process can cause frustration for users. Nearly half of surveyed workers see cybersecurity tools as a hindrance, and a third try to bypass corporate policies7. Only Citrix solves this problem by improving both security and experience at the same time. Adaptive authentication lets you adjust how users are authorized to access apps based on actual risk factors, while advanced analytics keep you ahead of security and performance issues. And when you deploy DaaS, specialized HDX technology ensures graphics, voice, and video stay smooth no matter what. All so you can help keep people productive and resources protected. Whether you’re onboarding 10 users, or 1,000.

Improve business continuity

Onboarding remote users is complex enough. But add a large-scale disruption to the equation, and those challenges become even more pronounced. In fact, an astounding 95% of business leaders say their crisis management capabilities need improvement8. While there’s no way to know when a sudden or unplanned office closure will accelerate the need to onboard remote users, it is possible to be prepared. Citrix DaaS and Citrix Secure Private Access let you get new users up and running within hours—no new infrastructure needed. Your employees will have fast, secure access from any device and location while you keep sensitive data secure.


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