Secure your enterprise by protecting apps and data

Manage risk by controlling app and data access across any location, network and device. 

Manage risk by protecting apps, data and usage 

Information security requires a new approach

Although billons of dollars are spent on security solutions, information remains vulnerable as new threat and attack vectors are emerging everyday and the volume of incidents is on the rise. The tools and processes implemented in the past are often too general in scope and do not adequately defend an organization.

While IT continues to control the corporate network perimeter and manage many business applications, the perimeter of where work is done is evolving and expanding. Devices are now both corporate and personally owned, many users select cloud-based applications, employees no longer do all their work within a corporate facility and traditional office hours are a thing of the past. Additionally, the multiplication of devices, apps and locations increases the security and risk burden, and a new approach must be sought.


Citrix protects apps and data

Citrix solutions are trusted to protect the most sensitive information, giving IT powerful options to control application and data access across any location, network and device. Employees, contractors and partners have the flexibility to choose how they work with seamless and secure access to their workspace with the resources they need whether remote, mobile or in the office. End-to-end visibility of connections, traffic and user activity allows IT to address privacy, compliance and risk management priorities without compromising productivity. Citrix solutions also integrate with third-party security vendors for advanced levels of system management and identity, endpoint and network protection.

With Citrix, organizations can provide the right level of confidentiality, integrity and availability for data without placing undue restrictions on the ways people work. Across every industry, including the most highly regulated sectors, customers rely on Citrix to assure privacy, protect sensitive information and enable compliance of apps and data without compromising workforce flexibility and productivity.

The core security pillars of the Citrix offering include:

  • Identity and access – authentication, authorization, access control
  • Network security – remote access, segmentation, availability
  • App security – centralization, containerization, inspection
  • Data security – centralization, containerization, file sharing 
  • Monitoring and response – visibility, auditing, compliance

What experts are saying about Citrix security


Top rated for VDI security and compliance


Recognized as leader in EFSS


Highest score possible for secure productivity apps and containerization


Scored in top 3 for high security use cases; Highest for mobile workforce in EFSS


Scored in top 3 for shared data and BYO use cases in Gartner high-security mobility management report


Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) per Protected Mbps

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