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Citrix provides critical components that help government departments and agencies decrease the time and cost of protecting and delivering mission-critical desktops, applications and data. IT can help achieve objectives by safeguarding confidential resources with features that guarantee improved security and compliance and are available at every critical point in the delivery infrastructure, from the datacenter to the desktop.

On the desktop

Citrix XenDesktop

Citrix XenDesktop desktop virtualization with on-demand applications by Citrix XenApp allow government workers to access desktops and applications from any location or device. By centralizing desktop and application management with XenDesktop, government organizations can reduce total operational costs by up to 40 percent.

Government workers need access to mission-critical resources in a variety of locations including at agencies, from remote offices, on the road or at home. The graphics acceleration capabilities of XenDesktop deliver a high-definition user experience to workers on any device, over any connection, anywhere.

In the datacenter

Citrix NetScaler Gateway

Citrix NetScaler Gateway gives IT granular application-level control while providing workers with remote access from anywhere. IT administrators have a single point to manage access control and limit actions within sessions based on both user identity and the endpoint device, providing better application security, data protection and compliance management. Citrix NetScaler Gateway establishes a secure, encrypted connection between the client and datacenter to ensure that desktops, applications and other resources are accessed securely from anywhere. For example, a government agent can securely share confidential information with another agent working in a different part of the U.S.

Citrix NetScaler

NetScaler protects against application and network-layer threats with integrated web application firewall and Denial of Service (DoS) attack prevention services. NetScaler also provides secure application access through an AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) and SSL VPN module and advanced logging and auditing features to monitor web application activity. These built-in capabilities enable organizations to meet their security objectives and compliance requirements, such as FIPS, Section 508, and Common Criteria.

Citrix XenServer

Citrix XenServer allows IT teams to dynamically add servers to a resource pool by creating new virtual machines instead of adding physical servers, to meet increased computing demands. Security is never compromised because the virtual machines are completely isolated from one another on each physical server that is used.

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