Ensure secure and reliable access

Citrix solutions enable government agencies to serve their constituents more effectively, at a lower cost, to meet both regulatory and budgetary requirements. Organizations can deliver essential services, respond effectively to emergencies and recover quickly from disasters. At the same time, improved worker productivity and efficiency help keep costs low while improving citizen satisfaction. A more secure infrastructure safeguards confidential data while aiding compliance.

Government agencies can:

Secure IT services to make sure sensitive information remains confidential

By encrypting data and maintaining it centrally in the datacenter protected by smart access controls, Citrix technologies help IT maintain security while providing access for government workers.

Ensure business continuity and fast disaster recovery

Citrix products ensure that workers have secure access to the right information at the right time—regardless of location, connection and device.

Provide a personalized, high-definition experience to every worker, everywhere they roam

With Citrix, government workers—including branch, unit field, and mobile personnel—benefit from secure, authorized access to desktops, applications and data wherever they are located, on-demand and with the best user experience for maximum productivity and satisfaction.

Optimize and modernize IT infrastructure and processes

Citrix solutions provide government agencies with cost and operational benefits and greatly enhance the quality of citizen care.

Citrix solutions

  • Allow faster time-to-completion of IT resource consolidation efforts
  • Facilitate information sharing across different agencies and departments
  • Extend the life of existing IT investments
  • Reduce IT infrastructure management costs

IT planners can

  • Manage heterogeneous IT environments more effectively and efficiently
  • Centrally store, deliver, manage and support a mix of IT resources

Explore how Citrix addresses the challenges and requirements faced by US Government organizations.