Essential features for a hybrid cloud

Turnkey cloud orchestration

Build your own Amazon-style cloud and start realizing the benefits within minutes – without the overhead of integration, professional services and complex deployment schedules. Based on open standards, Citrix CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack is highly available, scalable and provides multi-hypervisor support. It has standard APIs including Amazon EC2 that allows you to integrate seamlessly with Amazon partners and run Amazon AMIs within the platform.

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Reduced operational complexity

In Citrix XenDesktop deployments, Citrix CloudPlatform greatly simplifies management operations by:

  • Abstracting datacenter resources from application and desktop services
  • Providing a common management platform and combined resource pools for private or shared XenDesktop deployments
  • Simplifying template and image management across hypervisor clusters
  • Simplifying on-demand right-sizing of desktop resources for end-users, and improving the desktop experience
  • Increasing desktop availability by deploying XenDesktop farms across multiple Citrix CloudPlatform zone

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Simplified cloud services management

Enable cloud builders to deliver any IT or cloud service from a single platform and automate the provisioning, business and operational aspects of running the cloud. With user self-service, fully automated workflows and integrated CRM and IT support functions, IT can shift their focus from maintenance to strategic activities and lower the administrative overhead.

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Self-service IT

Give users simple and intuitive access to a catalog of cloud and IT services. Empower them with self-service so that they can rapidly provision resources on-demand, track usage and manage their accounts on their own, at any time – lowering management costs and improving employee satisfaction.

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On-demand scaling of XenDesktop capacity

The Citrix XenDesktop Cloud Provisioning with Citrix CloudPlatform solution allows administrators to design and deploy XenDesktop workloads based on current scalability requirements, then add infrastructure such as hosts, clusters, pods or zones on an on-demand basis. This limits upfront costs for initial XenDesktop deployment and ensures that the XenDesktop infrastructure is running at optimal capacity without wasted capacity, as administrators don’t need to over-architect or over-provision resources. With visibility into resource consumption such as compute, storage and GPU, cloud administrators can monitor resource usage and scale the capacity of only the required infrastructure components.

XenDesktop administrators can leverage Citrix CloudPlatform based public cloud service providers for hybrid cloud provisioning, enabling enterprise IT organizations to cost-effectively flex, grow and eventually transform desktop virtualization operations.

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Community-led open source platform

Apache CloudStack is the first cloud platform in the market-leading Apache foundation, making it the de facto industry standard platform for open source cloud computing. Licensed under Apache Software License Version 2.0, the Apache CloudStack project brings together a vibrant community of vendors and developers to accelerate innovation, interoperability and standardization.

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Cloud ready, application aware network

The best enterprise cloud strategies are built on a network architecture that is built to scale for the cloud. The Citrix NetScaler architecture embodies all the key characteristics needed in cloud networks – the ability to scale up, scale in and scale out. Plus, it gives IT administrators a single point of control and tools for security, load balancing, traffic routing and health monitoring.

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Secure enterprise-to-cloud connection

Seamlessly integrate your enterprise datacenter to external clouds, making the cloud a secure extension of the enterprise network. This enterprise-to-cloud network connection is encrypted and optimized for performance and bandwidth, thereby reducing the risks and lowering the effort involved in migrating your production workloads to cloud.

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