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A flexible workforce relies on a secure way to get work done with clients and co-workers no matter the location or device. But seamless, secure access is often complicated by fragmented applications and scattered data storage. You need an agile content collaboration solution with enterprise-grade security controls that automates document workflows and integrates with existing systems. The result is a unified, secure solution that removes friction and keeps the focus where it should be–on your customers. 

Executive summary

  • The need for remote collaboration is stronger than ever, which in turn requires a robust solution where employees can work securely, share and collaborate. 
  • Gain control over your data by choosing a file sharing solution that gives you flexible storage.   
  • With Citrix ShareFile, every review and approval are brought together in a single shared view, so employees don’t miss a beat in their pace of productivity. 

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Business outcomes

Simplify data access 

With work from home now being the norm for 86% of companies1, the pressure to provide anywhere access to apps and data is on the rise. But with documents stored across a range of cloud and hybrid locations, so is the need for IT flexibility. Citrix ShareFile provides easy, secure access to multiple storage repositories, on-premises and in the cloud, without having to migrate data or change your storage strategy.

Maximize your storage flexibility 

As your apps and workloads move from the datacenter to the cloud, so does your storage. Worldwide spending on public cloud services is forecast to reach $500 billion by 2023, with infrastructure as a service (IaaS) topping the list2. While you need to expand your storage, you also need to ensure critical data is always available, and always backed up. The built-in cloud services in Citrix ShareFile are designed specifically for growing storage needs. You can use zone connectors to bridge on-premises corporate network shares to any user device. Employees are able to access files and folders stores on a connected on-premises or cloud-based resource. Hybrid storage allows you to choose the storage option selected for each file. So you can balance flexible cloud cost savings with on-premises compliance measures—all while your users have seamless access to any file, on any device.  

Keep sensitive content secure 

With employees relying on so many different devices and apps to collaborate on content, it’s become easier than ever for sensitive information to end up in the wrong hands. Citrix ShareFile equips your business with enterprise-grade controls to protect against data leaks and unauthorized access. You can easily audit, track and log activity for compliance, and keep tabs on content usage.

Improve the client experience  

By eliminating the need to search and scroll for the latest versions of documents, employees can remain productive and focus on innovation. With Citrix ShareFile, all of those suggestions and approvals are unified into one shared view of each document. Users can track revisions in real time and speed up document approvals. While this can be a real productivity booster with co-workers, it’s a true differentiator with clients. The ability to collaborate with external parties – clients, customers, partners, agencies – easily and securely in one place keeps data secure while still providing a compelling experience for all involved. 

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