Streamline document and e-signature workflows

Accelerate your business agreements and easily manage your workflows

The increase in remote work and digitization has accelerated the need for faster everyday tasks such as document feedback, approvals, and signatures. Without the right process, these important tasks can be time consuming. Businesses need an agile content collaboration solution that digitizes workflows that integrate with existing systems, future-proofing their investments.

Executive summary

  • Citrix Sharefile provides businesses with robust security to protect sensitive data and workflows, including full visibility and proactive monitoring
  • Optimize work with anyone by digitizing document workflows, including those requiring signatures, and allow users to automate processes in a simple, secure solution

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Business outcomes

Gather feedback in one place

Document collaboration is important but keeping track of feedback from every stakeholder gets frustrating fast. What if you never had to waste time searching emails, chat messages, or version histories to know where a document stood in the revision process? Citrix ShareFile brings all feedback and approvals together in a shared view of each document. This means employees can effortlessly track revisions in real time, eliminating confusion and collaborating more efficiently.

Prevent attacks and hacks

Supporting flexible work while simultaneously keeping files secure can be tricky. To help, Citrix ShareFile equips you with enterprise-grade controls to manage how sensitive files are accessed, stored, and shared. Integrations with leading data loss prevention systems like Symantec and McAfee let you control document sharing based on the content inside each file, while Citrix Analytics for Security leverages machine learning to detect and resolve security threats in real time. All while providing a simple, streamlined file sharing experience that helps keep projects and productivity flowing.

Accelerate business agreements

By digitizing document workflows, including electronic signatures, employees can remain productive and focus on innovation. Integrated directly within Citrix ShareFile, users can secure electronic signatures without switching context— a real productivity booster with co-workers and a true differentiator with clients. The ability to collaborate with external parties – clients, customers, partners, agencies – easily and securely in one place keeps data secure while still providing a compelling experience for all involved.

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