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By chunking up the code of your large applications into microservices built to be delivered in the cloud, your products and services can go to market faster. This cloud-native approach is why 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production by 20221. However, the path to microservices is inherently complex. Microservices architectures are time-consuming to build and troubleshoot, and continuous deployment makes it tough to gain visibility at scale. To deploy and manage microservices easily on your preferred architecture, you need a flexible app delivery platform that lets you move to cloud-native at your own pace.

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Executive summary

  • A majority of global organizations plan on using a cloud-native approach – transitioning from monolithic to container-based microservices – by 2022.
  • Cloud-native projects bring faster deployments and improved scalability and availability; However, microservices architectures can be time-consuming and complex. 
  • Citrix ADC helps you go cloud-native at your own pace with your choice of microservices app delivery architectures.

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Business outcomes

Transition your way

The highest-performing organizations use a mix of proprietary, open source and commercial software2. With Citrix ADC, go cloud-native at your own pace with your choice of microservices app delivery architectures. Get the flexibility you need to get applications to production quickly and reliably by choosing from the broadest selection of Kubernetes and open source platforms and tools— leveraging your IT team’s existing skill sets instead of requiring extensive retraining.


The top benefits of cloud-native projects are faster deployments, cloud portability, and improved scalability and availability3. To simplify the support of large clusters and highly dynamic microservices, Citrix ADC bridges the gap between traditional north-south application delivery and container-based east-west traffic. This reliable communication flow between apps and across clouds enables agile application delivery across both types of environments. This means low latency and a small memory footprint so you can deliver the high-performance app experience customers and employees demand.

Achieve comprehensive protection

Just like monolithic applications and APIs, microservices apps are a primary target for cyberattack—but microservices are even harder for IT to protect because they have more endpoints to secure. Citrix ADC lets you apply consistent security policies across both monolithic and microservices-based applications for a unified approach.

Gain holistic observability into microservices

Getting visibility into microservices at scale is complex, as there are a seemingly infinite number of metrics to monitor. To overcome microservices visibility challenges where it’s tough to monitor everything, you need more than logging, metrics, and tracing. This is why Citrix Application Delivery Management provides holistic observability into your microservices architecture. When integrated with open source tools, Citrix service graphs eliminate blind spots among microservices so you can observe and troubleshoot quickly and easily.

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