Ensure app performance in a remote-work world

High availability means business continuity

In times of regional or global disruption, maintaining operations and revenue targets while mitigating risks can be a challenge. Your IT team must continue to deliver uninterrupted application performance at scale to keep your business running. This requires an application delivery solution that provides secure, always-on application availability and holistic visibility. So you can respond fast to any disruption, keeping your customers loyal and your workforce productive.

Ensure high availability

If your applications are unavailable or performing poorly, your customers can’t transact with you and your workforce can’t be productive. That’s why Citrix ADC ensures high availability and optimal performance for your applications during planned or unplanned disruptions to your apps and application servers, ADCs and data centers, network and internet, and private cloud. Your customers can keep doing business with you and your workforce can continue to be productive.

Dynamically auto-scale to meet demand

Can your IT infrastructure scale to meet the escalating application demand in a new remote-work world? Since the U.S. began social distancing in response to COVID-19, VoIP and video conferencing traffic has increased by 212%1. Whether or not your applications are seeing a similar increase in demand, you need to be sure that your application delivery infrastructure can scale to meet a sudden and transient peak in demand. Citrix ADC enables rapid and automatic scaling of resources with flexible, on-demand licensing options.

Find and resolve service issues fast

Just because you face a disruption doesn’t mean customers adjust their expectations—they still expect great service from your applications and websites. You need to be able to respond to service issues immediately. Citrix ADC with Citrix Application Delivery Management equip you with holistic visibility across your entire application delivery infrastructure from a single pane of glass. Using contextual analytics powered by AI and ML to augment your decision making, you can quickly identify service issues and their root causes in real time and take corrective action quickly. And because Citrix ADC is built on a single code base, you gain operational consistency across multi-cloud, making it easy to quickly shift a critical workload to a new environment to resolve service problems.

Keep applications and APIs secure

Nearly two-thirds of companies do not feel confident about their application security2 in normal times—and in a crisis, the risk only intensifies because bad actors will try to take advantage of the situation. To give you peace of mind, Citrix ADC provides always-on, holistic, and layered protection for all your applications and APIs. The result? Your customers can continue to securely do business with you and your remote workers gain secure, contextual access to the applications they need to be productive without exposing your business-critical applications to risk.

5 objectives of business continuity planning

Ensure workforce productivity and continued business operation with seamless remote working.

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