Build a better workspace experience

With a unified endpoint management solution designed for security and productivity

If you’re looking for a better way to manage employees’ mobile workspace experience, you’re far from alone: Unified endpoint management (UEM) is soon to be a $6.7 billion industry—more than double the size of the market today.1 But while most businesses understand the need for modern UEM tools to enhance security, many struggle to maintain a digital workspace that promotes productivity, too. It can sometimes seem like a choice: Tighten security or empower employees to work from anywhere?

Enhance security

When used as part of the overall workspace experience, Citrix Endpoint Management keeps IT ahead of potential threats. Access can be granted based on where employees work and which devices they’re using, while Citrix Analytics makes it easy to proactively handle user security threats. You’ll give employees the freedom of flexibility to work how, when and where they want, while providing the safeguarded environment they need.


Provide consistency

Give employees fast access to mobile and web apps regardless of device or endpoint. With powerful UEM tools built to support your digital workspace, they’ll have the same seamless experience on mobile that they get on laptops and at workstations. And with secure enterprise apps designed to power productivity, it’s easier than ever to ensure employees get exactly what they need, when they need it.


Keep work flowing

The average employee uses at least two devices to get work done—and more than half use three or more.2 The more seamless their transitions from one device to another, the more likely they are to remain absorbed in the tasks at hand. And that’s no small feat. Empowering users to stay in a “state of flow” can make executives 5x more productive and the overall workplace 20% more efficient.3 When you use a strong UEM solution, employees can easily pick up where they left off—no matter how many times they switch between devices. 

Centralize everything

Citrix Endpoint Management doesn’t just enable a better workspace experience for employees. It offers greater consistency for IT, too. Because admins can manage everything from one central location, it’s easy to ensure a consistent, high-performance workspace across all endpoints. So instead of waiting for IT to onboard new devices or fix issues, employees can continually work where they want, when they want—in an environment that’s constantly updated to ensure unhindered access to apps and data.

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