Simplify access to data—no matter where it’s stored

Empower mobile workers to connect to data from anywhere

Mobile work has gone mainstream. Sixty-eight percent of employees believe it’s important for workplace technology to let them work from anywhere1, creating pressure to provide employees anywhere access to their files on the devices they choose. At the same time, you’ve diversified your file storage across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid locations. Adding to this complexity, you also have legacy file servers in your data center that weren’t designed for the mobile age. This creates a natural tension between employees who want everywhere access to files, and IT teams who need storage flexibility.

Maximize your storage flexibility

You designed your existing storage strategy for a reason—to make the best use of your budget and resources. Your content collaboration solution should be flexible, allowing users to access encrypted files whether they’re stored in the cloud, on premises, or through a hybrid approach. This is why Citrix Content Collaboration connects easily to your network storage, legacy data systems, and third-party cloud storage. IT can provide easy, secure access to multiple storage repositories in any environment and from any device—without having to migrate data or change your storage strategy.

Give remote employees a single point of access

By 2028, more than 55% of hiring managers expect the majority of their teams to work remotely2. As more organizations embrace this flexible workstyle, more employees expect easy, anywhere access to the files they need for work. Citrix Content Collaboration makes this possible by giving remote employees a single pane of glass to access all their documents. In addition, Citrix Content Collaboration offers secure connectors to OneDrive for Business, Sharepoint, and personal cloud file storage like Dropbox or Google Drive. This creates a single point of access to all data storage, improving the employee experience and simplifying IT management.

Choose the storage that fits your strategy

Your apps and workloads are moving from your data center to the cloud, and so is your storage—Gartner forecasts IaaS spending to grow by 24% every year3. To help you manage growing storage needs, Citrix Content Collaboration offers its own cloud storage service. This ensures your critical data is always backed up offsite and available from any device. For on-premises storage, Citrix Content Collaboration offers storage zone connectors that bridge existing corporate network shares to any user device. The most flexible solution is a hybrid storage approach that lets you choose the right storage option based on the file. This balances the cloud’s flexible cost-savings with the strict compliance of on-premises storage.

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