Citrix Files for Outlook

Release Date: Sep 16, 2021

Citrix Files for Outlook allows users with a ShareFile license to interact with all their files directly through Microsoft Outlook and provides the recipient with a link to the attachment in the body of the email. This integration provides users with the ability to send large attachments via email with ease and verify attachments are delivered securely.

Included in this release

  • Fixed issues in 21.9
    • Change application versioning scheme to YY.MM - representing the year and month of
      the release. [SFOLP-1496]
    • Upgraded to Microsoft's WebView2 as default browser runtime. [SFOLP-1472]
    • SendTo functionality not working properly. [SFOLP-1485]
    • Outlook Today feature disabled due to IE being added as default browser for Outlook.
    • Add Citrix Files Help link in Help section. [SFOLP-1493]
    • Outlook reply window goes out of focus when replying to emails that originate from
      external domain. [SFOLP-1494]
    • Removed unnecessary authentication popup. [SFOLP-1481]
    • Fix rare timing issue causing Encrypted Emails to fail. [SFOLP-1474]

For more information please refer to the product documentation.

Citrix Files for Outlook v21.9.5.0

Sep 16, 2021
11.6 MB - (.exe) Download File

Citrix Files for Outlook v21.9.5.0

Sep 16, 2021
7.9 MB - (.msi) Download File

Per-Machine .msi for administrators to perform a push install.

This installer does not support auto-update.