Sara Insurance virtualizes core applications with Citrix

Sara Insurance (Sara Assicurazioni) needed to provide business applications to employees, consultants and agents in a simple, fast, flexible and secure manner. The adoption of Citrix XenApp has improved the service offered to the end customer, and reduced costs of operation and maintenance of the technology infrastructure.

Sara Insurance, the Official Automobile Insurance Club of Italy, is an innovative company, but with a long tradition, which provides effective responses to customer expectations. Sara Insurance provides family and business insurance.

Sensitive to social issues, it devotes equal attention to customer service and offers a wide range of proposals for family, home, professional and enterprise, security and savings: all innovative solutions based on flexibility and customization.

Sara is the leader of a group present in the supplementary pension insurance and B2B. Sara Insurance forms part of the Group Sara Vita, a company specializing in savings, social security and protection. The company focuses on the management of insurance coverage for companies and community. The Group has about 650 employees. The sales organization is divided into 500 agencies and 1,500 sub-agencies for widespread coverage of the territory with approximately 30 offices located in major provincial capitals.

The Challenge: Make the business app available to all employees, consultants and agents

The Group had a strong need to securely connect their business applications to a number of freelancers and consultants, including legal, medical and fiduciary experts. It needed to identify the technology solution that would allow it to publish services and applications on the Internet in a dynamic and safe way.

The network of sub agencies operated through agents needed dynamic, flexible and secure access to core business systems.

The Solution: Deploy applications with Citrix XenApp

Last year it adopted Citrix XenApp version 6. “We adopted when Citrix technology solutions in this area were very few. Over time we have established and evolved the infrastructure and made it more robust for use by all users we have a relationship with,” says Giuseppe Caccamo, Central Directorate ICT and Organization Management and Development Technological Infrastructure. The project involved Sara Wing users, with 310 concurrent connections and a total population of approximately 2,000 users throughout Italy. The number of users gradually increased from 500 to 2,000 able to access the Citrix platform with full mobility - not only consultants, but also agents and employees and Sara Ala. Applications cover all business services for the issuance of any type of policy, with access to the system's core business: applications for the sale and issuance of policies, possibilities for the experts to load its expertise on the claims system of the Group, for the doctors, who have the mandate to examine their personal injuries as injuries sustained in the face of an accident, and for lawyers, for claims that are in dispute, access to the platform and the application system claims and introduce all the practices and relationships related to that litigation.

XenApp is an on-demand delivery of applications that enables virtualization, centralization and management in a data center of any Windows application, and the immediate delivery as a service to users, anywhere and on any device. XenApp reduces the cost of application management by up to 50 percent, increases the speed of IT responsiveness and improves the security of applications and data.

In addition to Citrix XenApp, Sara Insurance also uses Citrix Access Gateway, a secure application access solution that provides administrators granular control at the application level while increasing the autonomy of users with remote access from anywhere. It provides IT administrators a single point from which to manage access control and limit actions during the sessions based on both user identity, ensuring better application security, data protection and compliance management.

The virtualized infrastructure implemented by Sara Insurance thanks to the Citrix technology provides high intrinsic reliability of systems and high levels of service and infrastructure stability. Technically, the infrastructure is fully compliant and installed on the Windows platform.

Sara Insurance was supported by Filippetti SpA, System Integrator Group Filippetti and Citrix Platinum Partner since 2005, both in the choice of the technological solution that best suited its needs and in technical implementation.

The Benefits

With Citrix XenApp Sara Insurance has been able to provide the entire population of external users the opportunity to interact in a flexible, dynamic and secure way with the company's core applications with real-time access to enterprise systems.

In addition to the technological implementation of Citrix XenApp the service supports remote technical assistance, without the need to have the staff in place, providing fast and immediate response times and reducing operating costs and maintenance of the technology platform.

Improved the quality of service offered to the end customer with the reduction of the times of settlement of claims and emission policies by gaining greater flexibility and speed in solving problems, and in general in the settlement of the claim, and providing autonomy to users.

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We adopted when Citrix technology solutions in this area were very few. Over time we have established and evolved the infrastructure and made it more robust for use by all users we have a relationship with.
- Giuseppe Caccamo

Central Directorate ICT and Organization Management and Development Technological Infrastructure

Sara Insurance


Key Benefits

  • Autonomous access to all core applications
  • Interaction flexible, dynamic and safe
  • Improved service offered to the end customer
  • Fast immediate and remote service
  • Reduced the cost of management and maintenance of the technology infrastructure

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