Receiver Customization API

Creating deeper levels of centralized brand customization in the user app and desktop selection experience

StoreFront 3.0 and later features a Unified UI that StoreFront delivers to Citrix Receiver on all client platforms. Use the Receiver Customization API to brand or customize your end users’ app and desktop selection experience beyond capabilities provided in the StoreFront administration console. Customizations apply to Citrix Receiver for Web, as well as Citrix Receiver for Chrome, Windows, Mac and Linux.

For some API examples read the article below that explains how to replicate features from Web Interface using the customization APIs.

Technical blog series - Provides prescriptive guidance on how to take advantage of Receiver customizations.

The Exchange forum below serves as a location for the StoreFront administrator and developer community to share ideas and best practices on the use of the Citrix Receiver Customization APIs. You will also find code snippets and examples on the StoreFront support forum.

Exchange Forum

StoreFront Support Forum

Note: Citrix account credentials are required to access certain SDK content.  If you do not have a Citrix account, please complete the Developer Registration process.

Watch related videos on the Citrix Developer YouTube channel.

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