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AppSense has provided technology solutions that enables users to work more efficiently in Citrix and Terminal Server environments for many years.

AppSense extends your Citrix infrastructure by providing additional levels of personalization and management to user environments. Whether delivered via published applications, dynamic desktops, streamed applications or physical installation, AppSense Management Suite ensures each user has a consistent and optimized working experience that requires minimal administration overhead.

About AppSense User Virtualization
AppSense User Virtualization enables users to experience a consistent and responsive working environment regardless of the way the environment is delivered to them and also considers the users situation, location and security posture. Delivery mechanisms supported include Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, application streaming, Citrix Access Gateway and physical desktops and notebooks.

User Environment Management also provides greater visibility into the end user environment, enabling IT to provide a proactive service rather than wait for problems to occur before resolving them. All this leads to costs savings in management and support, improved user satisfaction and productivity and achievable quality of service levels across your entire Citrix infrastructure.

1. User Onboarding and Personalization
AppSense helps in the migration process to get users from Windows XP into Windows 7 (or any future OS platforms) running on XenDesktop and / or XenApp. This helps customers to deploy and implement POCs and pilots successfully. The user's first impression will be that nothing changed – their desktop and application settings look the same, irrespective whether the application is deployed natively, streamed or published. Ongoing AppSense can ensure that as users move from a physical to a virtual desktop and back again, that the user experience remains a consistent and productive one.

2. Environment Optimization and Security Management
Many VDI pilots fail simply because the user experience was suboptimal, with slow logon times and inconsistent look and feel. AppSense streamlines the logon process and adds a security layer to allow granular management of user rights that helps with application compatibility with Windows 7 UAC implemented. AppSense also increases security with a layer called Trusted Ownership that blocks any malware from being executed that the user downloads onto their desktop, allowing the minimization of antivirus functions in the XenDesktop and XenApp. This helps to provide a secure and usable user experience delivering quick logon performance that allows the user to do what they need to do but at the same time delivering the security that enterprise demands.

3. Density and Response Improvement
AppSense delivers significant value to XenDesktop and XenApp TCO models. Typically antivirus/antimalware and Adobe Flash products create a significant density impact, with a loss of up to 30% density and a corresponding increase in the cost per user. AppSense can significantly minimize this impact along with other performance hogging tools and technologies, while increasing security and significantly improving the density and subsequent TCO. The net effect is also providing the user with a virtual desktop experience that is both high performing, predicatable and responsive.

The combined solution is called AppSense Management Suite.

The Citrix - AppSense Relationship
As a key Global Solution Partner and a founding member of the Citrix Ready Program, AppSense has been able to align its own product development in line with the strategic Citrix roadmap. A firm and prosperous relationship exists between Citrix, AppSense and their joint customers and partners. This relationship ensures AppSense customers are provided not only with leading edge User Environment Management solutions, but also future-proof technologies that they can confidently invest in for the long term.

Who is using AppSense Management Suite?
Organizations such as EDS, Alsthom, HP, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank, British Telecom, Daimler Chrysler, CSC, BAA, QBE and the Federal Aviation Administration all rely on AppSense Management Suite to ensure their users have an optimal Citrix experience at all times, protecting the integrity and investment in their Citrix environment.

Contacting AppSense:

US: +1 212 597 5500

UK: +44 (0)845 223 2100

AU: +61 (0) 3 9863 7125

DE: +49 81 199 86530

NL: +31 (0) 263 510 112

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AppSense is the leading provider of user virtualization technology to enterprise organizations. User virtualization is a way of managing user-specific information independent of the desktop, and applying this information into any desktop (local install, virtualized, published, streamed, etc.) on-demand. This enables IT to standardize the desktop build, automate desktop and application delivery, and migrate users to new desktops—all while ensuring that the user experience is seamless, personal, predictable and easily manageable.

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