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Last updated on October 4, 2021.

Roadmap Item/Feature Theme Status Description
Adaptive homepage Choice In Progress Enables end-users to customize their Citrix Workspace homepage to suit their preferred work style with no admin configuration needed. Choose between multiple layouts, rearrange widgets, add/remove widgets, and convert a customized homepage to a default option.
Admin notification Security In Progress Configure global account-wide banners in Citrix Workspace to notify users of upcoming maintenance or other broad messages such as, company-wide PTO, HR-related deadlines, etc.
Citrix Files for Windows known folders redirection Choice Tech preview
Extends the mapped drive capability to automatically redirect a user's known folders such as Desktop, Documents, etc., to the ShareFile repository. Ensures users can continue using their familiar folders and doesn’t require a change in behavior to save files to ShareFile. Update also supports the OneDrive for Business Cloud Connector.
Electronic Signature Localization Experience In Progress Supports two additional language options, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese, for electronic signature workflows within Citrix Workspace and Citrix RightSignature. End-users can set the preferred browser language which will be used to render the RightSignature webapp UI.
SharePoint repositories searchable with Unified Search Experience In Progress Enables end-users to easily search content within their Citrix Workspace UI for files stored in their connected SharePoint repositories.
Citrix Analytics for Security notifications within Workspace notification feed Experience In Progress Enables out-of-the-box notifications from Citrix Analytics for Security into the Workspace feed.
Day at a glance in Workspace Experience In Progress Allows end-users to quickly view their 'Day at a Glance' in the Workspace feed for upcoming meetings and/or events by connecting to Office365.
Using Citrix Workspace as a System of Record Experience  In Progress Enables Citrix Workspace as the datastore to quickly create new applications such as employee recognition, customer list collaboration, or team agreements. 
Policy Driven Corporate Theming Experience Tech Preview Configure your Citrix Workspace with different themes for specific user groups. Assign unlimited theme customizations, such as logos, header colors, and accent colors, to different groups of users within your environment.
SAML support for and Workspace Choice Tech Preview Supports the usage of any IdP in Citrix Workspace under SAML 2.0 providers. With this capability, customers can utilize SSO features for a seamless, user experience within Citrix Workspace. 
Long-lived password and long-lived token  Experience Tech Preview Improves the employee experience by limiting repetitive end-user password prompts. Enables uninterrupted access in Citrix Workspace without re-authentication for up to 365 days on the same device. End-users are only prompted for authentication if inactivity surpasses 4 days.
Desktop only homepage Choice Released Enables admins with the ability to provide a desktop-only home page with their Workspace. This will include a new desktop card that presents better information about desktops' status and availability that will help end-users quickly identify which desktop they want to use.
Resident Workspace for Japan Choice In Progress Enables customers in Japan to utilize the Citrix Workspace UI and Gateway for authentication in Citrix Workspace to take advantage of security benefits. 
Fallback to StoreFront Choice Tech Preview  Enables the ability to quickly switch to the StoreFront experience from the Citrix Workspace UI in times of cloud outages or feature / configuration differences. This ability ensures limited end-user productivity hinderance. 
Enable richer microapps with embed component  Experience Tech Preview Enables a variety of information to be shared within a microapp – from embedding a video, data charts, to a dynamic office floor plan. End-users gain important context within notifications or required actions that improve the quality of a microapp workflow. To request to be added to the Tech Preview, click here
Enable richer microapps with multi-select component Experience  Tech Preview Enables end-users to select multiple values within a single microapp action. Microapps support wide range of business workflows which require selecting multiple values within a single service action parameter. Actions include selecting multiple meeting attendees and selecting multiple JIRA tags. To request to be added to the Tech Preview, click here.
Enable richer microapps with file upload component Experience  Tech Preview End-users can upload attachments directly from the microapp. To request to be added to the Tech Preview, click here.
Enable more effective microapp subscription management using SoR user groups​ Experience Tech Preview Enables a more streamlined microapp subscription management process by reducing responsibilities from AD/IT admins and providing microapp subscriptions for specified SoR user groups. To request to be added to the Tech Preview, click here
Templated integration for employee engagement notifications in Citrix Workspace Experience  In Progress Enables out-of the-box actions and notifications for employee broadcast, FAQ, and survey use cases.
CVADs Integration Experience Released Enables out-of-the box microapps for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service in Citrix Workspace. These integrations can be utilize to perform self-service actions such as restarting sessions, logging off / disconnecting, and searching for faulty machines to quickly resolve issues.
Document packager for multiple files in Citrix RightSignature Experience  Released Enables end-users to merge several files into one document before sending for a signature request.
Citrix RightSignature notifications within Citrix Workspace notification feed Experience In Progress Enables out-of-the-box notifications to Citrix RightSignature from the Workspace feed. Gives the flexibility to consolidate the electronic signature workflow within the Workspace experience.
Citrix Workspace App for MS Teams Files Support Choice In Progress Supports the integration of Citrix Workspace into Microsoft Teams. Seamlessly utilizes Citrix Files from Citrix Workspace in Teams by enabling end-users to: search for a file, automatically upload files shared in Teams to Citrix Files, send and request a document for feedback / approval / electronic signature, and access Citrix Files in a Teams project space from the ‘Files’ tab.
Citrix Files as Source of Truth​ in Wrike Experience In Progress Ensures a unified content collaboration workflow between Wrike and Citrix Workspace. Customers will be able to use Citrix Files within Wrike as a source of truth for their files, attach files from Citrix Files to Wrike tasks, projects, folders. 
Notifications Search Experience Tech Preview Enables search of notifications from the Citrix Workspace feed, including filtering by system of record and viewing of dismissed cards.
OneDrive Upload Notifications Experience In Progress Enables notifications in the Citrix Workspace feed when a file has been uploaded into a OneDrive folder that’s being shared with another user. The user can open it for editing in the connected content service, or view the folder it is in. Improves employee productivity by keeping the end-user informed in Citrix Workspace about documents shared without the need for context switching to other content repositories.
Notifications of "@mentions" in e-mails Experience In Progress Enables notifications in the Citrix Workspace feed when a user is mentioned in an email. The user can view the email where they were mentioned, display the whole message, and view the message directly in Outlook. 
Unifed search with OneDrive and Google Drive Experience In Progress Enables end-users to easily search content within their Citrix Workspace UI for files stored in their connected OneDrive and Google Drive accounts, as well as Citrix Files.
HIPAA with ability to sign BAA for Microapps Integrations Security  In Progress Supports HIPAA compliance for microapp services in Citrix Workspace. Lends the ability to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for customers using the microapp service. 
Customer defined terms and conditions Experience In Progress Configure customer-defined user terms and conditions for Citrix Workspace for users to acknowledge customer specific legal requirements before they login.
AV Scan/Protection/Response enhancements in Citrix Content Collaboration Security In Progress Sets default AV protection to restrict user actions on flagged files. Enables Admin to leverage Citrix Analytics for Security for improved event analysis and response.
Enable Browser Isolation for Internal web & SaaS apps Security Released Allows users to access their IT sanctioned apps from their BYO devices, without having any endpoint agent installed on the end user device. However, unlike a VPN, it redirects the user session from a local browser to a hosted Secure Browser Service. Ensures users can access IT sanctioned and SaaS apps in a sandbox environment and allows them to stay productive.
Gateway connector support for public clouds (Azure, AWS) Security Tech Preview Enables remote users with secure VPN-less access with single sign-on (SSO) to internal web applications, deployed on-premises, in Citrix Workspace. With the new support of Citrix Cloud Gateway Connector for Azure and AWS, you can now enable the same secure VPN-less access with SSO to internal web apps hosted on AWS cloud.
App protection policies for Internal web & SaaS apps Security Tech Preview App Protection secures access to IT sanctioned and SaaS apps by scrambling keystrokes and returning screenshots as blank screens, protecting corporate applications, and data. 

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