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Develop great joint solutions with Citrix

The Citrix Ready Partner Program helps software, hardware, and services companies with the tools and resources to develop and integrate your products with Citrix technologies. Validated partner solutions can be listed on the Citrix Ready Marketplace, giving customers and channel partners a way to explore and select Citrix Ready verified solutions—increasing confidence while reducing risk.

Benefits of being a Citrix Ready Partner

Be seen where it matters. Showcase to more than 400,000 Citrix customers and 1,500 Citrix channel partners on Citrix Ready Marketplace.

Drive awareness and demand for your products through joint marketing campaigns.

Get expert support and access to development tools, NFR licenses, APIs, and SDKs to integrate your offering with Citrix.

Partner Categories


Endpoints and Peripherals






Get resources for creating technical integrations and developing go-to-market capabilities.


Get access to a broad range of learning, development, technical & marketing resources to accelerate technical solutioning and go-to-market.

Execute a host of co-marketing campaign with Citrix to increase customer adoption of joint solutions.


  1. Go through the Citrix Ready Partner Program guide and decide the program level that suits you the best.
  2. Complete the Citrix Ready Partner journey.
  3. You are now a Citrix Ready Partner!

Frequently asked questions

The Citrix Ready Program is a technology partner program that helps software and hardware vendors of all types develop and integrate their products with Citrix technology for Digital Workspace, App Delivery and Security, and Analytics. To become a partner and earn the Citrix Ready designation, companies validate their solutions through a robust testing and verification process that ensures compatibility with Citrix solutions. Technical specialists are available to assist with the integration and testing phases on the way to Citrix Ready verification. Partners can then participate in joint marketing activities to drive awareness and generate demand for their solutions. Partner solutions are listed in the Citrix Ready Marketplace, an online resource that customers can use to easily search and find compatible solutions for their Citrix deployments or environment.

Citrix Ready Marketplace is a one-stop shop for customers to explore and evaluate Citrix compatible third-party products and solutions.

Through the program, your company, products and solutions can gain exposure to over 400,000 Citrix customers and 10,000 Citrix resellers. The Citrix Ready designation enables you to generate new revenue opportunities, improve customer satisfaction and increase mindshare by leveraging the Citrix brand.

The Citrix Ready Program is designed for organizations that have demonstrated product and solution compatibility with one or more Citrix products. Software vendors, hardware vendors, Citrix Service Providers, Developers, and other technology firms can benefit from the program and take advantage of the visibility it provides.

Citrix Ready Program has three basic enrollment steps:

Step 1 – Complete your Citrix Ready application form.

Step 2 – Verify your products on the Citrix Ready Marketplace platform.

Step 3 – Create and submit your profile pages.

Please follow the steps below to feature your product on the Citrix Ready Marketplace:

Step 1 – Log in to the Citrix Ready Marketplace using your credentials (You’ll receive these credentials after program enrollment).

Step 2 – Verify your product and create a profile page.

Step 3 – Submit the page for approval.

We’ve created a list of meaningful benefits that can help expand your business reach, and generate new revenue opportunities. Key benefits include access to several resources and networks, technical support and maintenance, exposure on the Citrix Ready Marketplace and more. View the complete technical, marketing and demand generation benefits.

You can generate leads for your business through joint marketing efforts such as webinars, co-branded collateral, and campaigns on Citrix Ready Marketplace. You can also leverage the Citrix brand by using Citrix Ready badges.

There is no fee to verify products and solutions with Citrix. You can enroll at the base Access level of the program at no cost. Depending on your engagement levels and benefit needs, you can also choose to upgrade your membership to the Premier level for $7,500 per year.

The Citrix Ready Marketplace showcases solutions from partners. To become a partner and earn the Citrix Ready designation, partners validate their solutions through a robust testing and verification process that assures the combability with Citrix technology. If a customer experiences issues with a particular third-party integration on a Citrix environment, we recommend the customer to open a support incident directly with the third-party partner. If the partner determines that the issue appears to be with Citrix, the partner can, in turn, approach Citrix support for further assistance. We recommend that our partners allocate a technical resource that can work with Citrix Support until the issue is resolved.

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