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The bigger the work, the higher the stakes. Enabling your employees to do their best is the top priority, but what is the most powerful tool you can give them? Citrix has the answer: a better experience. Simple, personalized, automated and intelligent—that’s what defines the digital workspace that allows your employees to focus and flourish. Step inside Citrix’s vision for employee empowerment.

We’ve reimagined the employee experience from the ground up. Learn more about how you can:

01 Simplify and automate the little things

02 Free your employees to work anywhere, on any device

03 Energize with personalization

04 Activate new talent

05 Explore Workspace solutions

01 Simplify

Simplify and automate the little things

With never-ending tasks, beeping notifications and app sprawl, your employees need to quiet the noise. Citrix Workspace turns digital clutter into digital space, empowering employees with a personalized information feed and workflow automation. Think of it as an investment in digital wellness: the healthier the workspace, the stronger the work.

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What is digital wellness and why is it essential?

With the right technology strategy, you can nurture employee happiness, empower them with choice, and support their wellbeing in and out of the office. The result is a dynamic enterprise with an engaged and adaptable workforce that thrives doing their best work.

Tim Minahan
EVP Business Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer

02 Empower

Free your employees to work anywhere, on any device

Your teams are at their best when work meets them on their terms. Empower employees to work from virtually anywhere on any device, with easy access to the content and tools they need—without compromising enterprise security.

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Why digital experience should be your primary focus. 

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Industry experts reveal how to create an empowering workplace experience.

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The challenge isn't so much the lack of's how organizations can quickly bring those different technologies together and enable people to be productive from home.

Safi Obeidullah
Senior Technology Strategist and Field CTO, APJ

03 Engage

Energize with personalization

When out-of-the-box technology doesn’t meet your organization’s needs, employees are left shrugging. Citrix gives you the tools to create personalized experiences based on your business’s DNA, re-energizing and re-engaging employees and enhancing productivity.

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Discover why you need a technology-backed engagement strategy for the new workplace.

Organizations have to try and digitize their do you design a culture that isn’t bound by an office but extends far beyond it? From a technology standpoint, how can you leverage the tools you have to deliver that culture effectively and be consistent.

Alysia Eve
Director of Product Marketing
Citrix Workspace

04 Reach

Activate new talent

If your technology limits how you recruit, your industry’s next impact player will join another team. With Citrix, the world is your talent pool: you can recruit from everywhere and enable quicker business results from accelerated onboarding.

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How to successfully onboard employees 

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Hear extraordinary stories from the frontier of remote work.

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Citrix Summit Series

Throughout October, Citrix is convening top experts for talks and panel discussions about how we can all power a smarter, more flexible way of working. Join us for these immersive events—we’re bringing the conference experience directly to you:

Cloud: Realizing the full potential of your cloud strategy

Workspace: Building the next wave of transformative digital workspaces

Security: Explore the future of creating safe digital environments

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