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Citrix Receiver and StoreFront Developer Community

StoreFront SDKs provide a set of APIs and sample projects to help you customize how apps and desktops are presented to your users based on who they are and how they access your environment.

Citrix Receiver SDKs give you a set of interfaces and other tools to help you develop applications that speed access to apps and desktops, customize the user experience provided by thin clients, control the operation of Citrix Receiver for Windows and load test aspects of Citrix-based application environments.

Explore SDKs and Tools

Citrix Common Connection Manager SDK
CCM (Citrix Common Connection Manager) SDK provides APIs which can be used to get the ICA session information. This can be programmatically used in custom application to modify the appearance for the end user. 

Citrix Receiver for Linux/Android - Certificate Identity Declaration SDK
The purpose of this SDK is to provide developers with a means of creating a customized virtual channel over ICA connection established from Android Platforms.

StoreFront Store Customization SDK
Use the Store Customization SDK to apply custom logic to the process of displaying resources to users and to adjust launch parameters. For example, you can use the SDK to control which apps and desktops are displayed to users, to change ICA virtual channel parameters, or to modify access conditions through XenApp and XenDesktop policy selection.

StoreFront Web API
Receiver for Web is a component of Citrix StoreFront providing access to applications and desktops using a Web browser. It comprises a User Interface tier and a StoreFront Services Web Proxy tier.

Receiver for HTML5 SDK
Receiver for HTML5 SDK provides a set of APIs that enables Windows Apps and desktop delivery to custom websites from Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. This SDK enables hosting of Receiver for HTML5 on your own web server and embedding its view in your custom web portal. This SDK enables further customization in user experience tailored for this use case.

Citrix Receiver for Linux Platform Optimization SDK
Use the Citrix Receiver for Linux Platform Optimization SDK to improve the performance of Linux-based devices and get HDX-level experience.

Receiver Customization API
StoreFront 3.0 and later features a Unified UI that StoreFront delivers to Citrix Receiver on all client platforms. Use the Receiver Customization API to brand or customize your end users’ app and desktop selection experience beyond capabilities provided in the StoreFront administration console. Customizations apply to Citrix Receiver for Web, as well as Citrix Receiver for Chrome, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Authentication SDKs 
With StoreFront 3.0 we have introduced a new Unified UI that is delivered from StoreFront to Receiver on all client platforms. Use the Receiver Customization API to brand or customize your end users’ app and desktop selection experience beyond capabilities provided in the StoreFront admin console. Customizations apply to latest Web, Chrome, Windows, Mac and Linux clients, and will be extended to mobile devices in future releases.

Other SDKs
Other StoreFront and Citrix Receiver SDKs provide additional options for customizing functionality and creating unique user experiences.

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