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Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management SDKs & Services

Openmix App Library & API

SDKs & Web Services

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management Radar measures and reports network performance from end user devices. Radar can be deployed to your website using a JavaScript tag or with native SDKs that are integrated with your application. This section provides you with access to client libraries you need for your environment.

Openmix Apps & API

This API and library of Openmix applications provides examples to help you get started quickly and to give you ideas and best practices for your own applications. Explore the example applications, review the API, make them your own, and let us know if you have an application you would like added to the library. Pull requests gladly accepted

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Web Services

Use these web services to access Radar data or read and update your Cedexis configurations programmatically. Documentation and examples are available and pull requests are gladly accepted.

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Radar Runner

The Radar Runner repository contains alternative methods to run radar client outside of a browser (iOS, Linux).

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Android SDK

The Radar SDK includes a client library that you can easily incorporate into any Android mobile app.

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SDK Documentation Feedback

We are working to improve our SDK deliverables to make them easier to use.  Click the link below to take a quick survey and share your feedback with our team.

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