XenMobile licensing

Citrix XenMobile offers customers the flexibility of a per-user or per-device licensing model that aligns with today's enterprise-wide mobile usage scenarios. Both licensing models are based on the total number of users or devices that access the software, regardless of whether or not they use the software simultaneously. To determine the number of XenMobile licenses needed, customers need only determine the total number of users or devices that will access the software.

Know your product edition

XenMobile Enterprise Edition

Comprehensive solution to manage mobile apps, data and devices. This edition includes ShareFile Enterprise.

XenMobile Advanced Edition

XenMobile Advanced Edition delivers unified MDM and MAM for complete mobile device and application security. Advanced Edition also includes integrated Worx productivity apps including WorxMail, WorxWeb and WorxEdit.

XenMobile MDM Edition

XenMobile MDM offers market leading mobile device management capabilities that provision security to apps and data to corporate and employee-owned mobile devices. In this edition, ShareFile provides read access to files on network drives and SharePoint.

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Know your licensing model

User Licensing

Best when people use more than one device.

  • One license per user
  • Unlimited devices

Device Licensing

Best when people use only one device.

  • Unlimited users
  • One license per device

Know your licensing deployment model

On-premises (Available for all editions of XenMobile)

Best when IT wants to manage the infrastructure. Benefits include:

  • Full control for organizations that have regulatory considerations
  • Fully manage mobility infrastructure

Cloud-based (Available for all editions of XenMobile)

Best when IT wants the infrastructure managed externally. Benefits include:

  • Fast time to deployment
  • No need to deploy and manage hardware
  • Immediate product updates

Licensing system overview

Know your program

Commercial Sector Licensing

An Enterprise Licensing Agreement Program (ELA) rewards up-front purchase commitments with discounts and exclusive offers while the EASY License Program is recommended for customers with sporadic ordering needs.

Public Sector Licensing

An Education License Program provides discounts to qualified institutions while pre-negotiated contracts and programs simplify purchasing for eligible U.S. and international governments and government-funded agencies.

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