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Explore the feature and deployment options that make XenDesktop the leader in user experience, security and manageability.

A user experience with real-time response


Users expect an experience equal to a traditional workspace, both when they connect from reliable corporate networks (LANs) and when coming in over challenging wide area networks (WANs). Citrix HDX technologies, included with XenApp and XenDesktop, address these scenarios to ensure the best possible user experience at all times. Users get a local-like experience, which increases user adoption.

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Certified to meet the highest security standards


XenDesktop on the unified FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) platform is the only VDI, remote desktop and app solution that is FIPS-compliant and Common Criteria certified. Virtual apps, desktops and data remain protected in the datacenter, enabling IT to provide instant access to critical resources from anywhere while keeping data safe.

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Simplified management and monitoring


XenApp and XenDesktop offer robust and integrated monitoring tools to keep you informed of the status of your environment. While features, performance, and the rollout phase are all important, the initial and long-term success of a virtualization environment is greatly dependent on management and monitoring.

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How do I deploy XenDesktop?



Deploy XenDesktop in your own environment and centralize management in your datacenter. You can work with a Citrix partner, utilize Citrix consulting services, or receive training to help with your deployment.

In the cloud

Public Cloud: Deploy XenDesktop in a public cloud, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Hybrid Cloud: Subscribe to Virtual Apps and Desktops Services through Citrix Workspace Cloud and manage users and workloads across multiple datacenters and clouds.

Cloud Service Provider: Engage a Citrix Service Provider and subscribe to hosted enterprise-class virtualization to get started quickly with Desktops-as-a-Service.


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