Thank you for your interest in XenClient.

Did you know DesktopPlayer can deliver, manage and secure local virtual desktops for Windows laptop and MacBook users?

Citrix offers DesktopPlayer as a value-added alternative to XenClient, enabling you to securely run a local virtual desktop on a Windows laptop or MacBook. Similar to XenClient yet faster and easier to install, DesktopPlayer offers full VHD encryption and provides exceptional flexibility and productivity—online, offline or while experiencing a slow or intermittent connection.

As of October 1, 2015 XenClient Enterprise will no longer be available as a standalone product or as part of XenDesktop Enterprise/Platinum editions. While Citrix has made the decision to discontinue development of XenClient, we are not moving away from our commitment to client-side virtualization to support local and offline virtual desktop use cases. DesktopPlayer offers an improved solution for both PC laptops and corporate MacBooks.

Citrix will continue to support our customers that are using XenClient through December. Citrix is also offering migration options to both XenDesktop and DesktopPlayer. Contact your Citrix partner or sales rep for more information.