Simplify application compatibility, migration and management

AppDNA application migration is included with XenApp platinum edition so your organization can confidently discover, automate, model and manage applications for faster application migration, easier application virtualization and streamlined application management.

Accelerate application deployment and make better implementation decisions

AppDNA provides insight into the effect of application issues and proposed implementations on users, workgroups and devices to help you make informed decisions about their environment. Your organization can complete app deployment or migration projects more quickly at lower risk and cost, including XenApp, XenDesktop, Windows Server 2003 migration, Microsoft® App-V™, and Windows Server 2012® initiatives.

Reduce application migration time, cost, labor, risk and disruption

One of the most common challenges associated with moving to a new operating system is application compatibility. By automating app migration testing, you can more accurately predict application behavior on new technology platforms and base estimates of project time, cost and resources on facts rather than guesses. Reducing project risk by gaining clear insight into application compatibility in a new or migrated environment can minimize disruption and provide substantial cost and time savings for your organization.

Simplify ongoing application management

AppDNA application management software provides ongoing application evolution after launch to help you make the right decisions as you add new applications, patches and service packs to the enterprise portfolio. The automated day-to-day app management helps you discover application issues with sophisticated testing and model application outcomes to determine the best plan of action. You can also automate application remediation and packaging processes to help manage ongoing change.

Windows 10 Migration

AppDNA helps accelerate application migrations to Windows 10 by predicting potential issues and showing a clear path to application compatibility on the new OS.

Ease Windows 10 migrations

Integrated AppDNA compatibility testing for AppDisk

AppDNA extends the layering benefits of AppDisk by providing instant application compatibility reporting and layer reordering for assigned AppDisks. An admin can validate and remediate any OS or inter-app compatibility issues before distributing the AppDisk applications to the workforce.

The AppDNA solution has effectively saved us 620 work-days, delivering a time savings of 89%.

David Burns

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