Enterprise file sync and sharing (EFSS) service built for mobile users

Give users true enterprise-class data services across all corporate and personal mobile devices, while maintaining total IT control. Users can access, sync, and securely share files from any device. Offline access keeps productivity up, even when users are on the go.

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ShareFile makes it possible for IT to provide the anywhere, any-device data access and collaboration people need, while meeting the organization’s requirements for security, manageability, and compliance. With more than two decades of experience serving enterprise IT, Citrix designed ShareFile as a true enterprise-class solution that eliminates the threat posed by consumer file sharing services, and provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of data protection features. IT maintains total control over data access, storage, and sharing across the organization.

With ShareFile, files are encrypted both at rest and in transit. A remote wipe feature allows secure destruction of all ShareFile-stored data and passwords on a device that has been compromised. IT can also remove a device from the list of devices that can access ShareFile accounts, or lock a device to restrict its use for a defined period of time. A poison pill capability lets IT prescribe data expiration policies for mobile devices. IT is also given the control to audit, track, and log all user activity, including both data access and data sharing, to support compliance requirements and provide visibility into data usage.

Many businesses face day-to-day operational challenges that stem from having a dispersed workforce. This could be across branch offices, or even field locations like construction sites, wells, and drilling rigs. These workers lack the real-time access they need for project status reports, workflow changes, construction specifications, or vendor contracts. These files are typically located on a network server and are hard to access when offsite. Many employees are turning to unauthorized file sharing tools to address these challenges, but that leaves sensitive business data exposed.

ShareFile solves this issue with a secure, cloud-based data mobility solution. ShareFile provides real-time mobile access to critical business files that would typically be located on a network server. This self-service mobile access allows for secure and instant collaboration, increased productivity, and responsiveness across distributed teams—from the field, online, or offline.

Enterprises are seeking a single solution that goes beyond addressing their mobility needs to drive workflows, such as approval chains, and enhance collaboration. ShareFile provides a collaborative workspace where anyone can securely exchange, track, edit, and e-sign content. The ShareFile unlimited cloud storage option with built-in electronic signature capabilities through RightSignature makes ShareFile a fast, easy, and secure way to obtain electronic signatures on important documents—all from one interface.

In addition, ShareFile Platinum Edition offers an integrated bundle of ShareFile Enterprise with unlimited cloud storage, plus access to Citrix Podio, Citrix RightSignature, and Citrix ShareConnect in a single offering. The Platinum edition is ideal for enterprises looking for a single solution that goes beyond addressing mobility needs—it also supports requirements that drive workflows, such as approval chains, and the trend toward enterprise “home drives."

ShareFile integrates with popular DLP systems including Symantec Data Loss Prevention, McAfee DLP Prevent, Websense TRITON® AP-DATA, and RSA Data Loss Prevention to restrict document sharing based on the file’s DLP classification. Enterprises, especially those in highly regulated industries like financial services and healthcare, need to be able to control file sharing based on the content inside the files themselves. Through integrations with leading data loss prevention systems, ShareFile will classify items based on their content and enforce sharing restrictions based on data categories.

Organizations can leverage customers’ existing DLP systems at no additional cost. IT admins are able to view restricted file activity in both their DLP system and ShareFile. Files uploaded to ShareFile on prem are classified by the DLP system and, once a user is connected, ShareFile restricts actions based on the customer’s DLP classification.  

Information rights management (IRM) adds an extra layer of protection to sensitive data. With IRM, files stay protected from unauthorized access, even after being shared or downloaded to an unprotected device. With ShareFile IRM capabilities, data security features “follow” the file, even if it leaves the ShareFile system and finds its way onto USB drives or email attachments. When a file is shared with rights management protections, access to the file requires ShareFile authentication—even after the file has been downloaded.  

ShareFile IRM ensures that shared files by can only be accessed by the intended recipient—even if they try to share the file with someone else. With IRM, ShareFile now provides the most comprehensive rights management features in the industry, allowing users to apply watermarks, block screenshots and screen sharing, geo-fence content, and automatically protect DLP-sensitive content.

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Our strategic partnerships

ShareFile and IBM are partnered to offer secure on-premises storage. ShareFile and IBM have combined market-leading enterprise file sync and sharing services with highly optimized, efficient, and scalable storage—a  solution that has been fully tested, validated, and proven by both companies. 

Citrix and IBM

Citrix and HPE deliver integrated and validated solutions that drive enterprise mobility. HPE storage with ShareFile is an enterprise level on-prem or hybrid cloud solution that lets users store, share, and collaborate, while maintaining control over enterprise information.

Citrix and HPE

Together, NetApp and Citrix provide deep integration and cost-efficient storage solutions. With NetApp on-prem storage, users can consolidate data for ShareFile onto a unified architecture with secure multi-tenancy.

Citrix and NetApp

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