NetScaler Editions

Citrix NetScaler is available in three different editions to match the broadest range of business, performance and deployment requirements.

Standard Edition

Delivers 100 percent application availability with comprehensive L4-7 load balancing and optimizes performance to reduce expensive server and network costs.

Enterprise Edition

A powerful Web application delivery solution providing advanced traffic management and powerful application acceleration to provide the best application experience for users.

Platinum Edition

The industry’s most powerful web application delivery solution designed to deliver mission-critical applications with the best web application firewall security, fastest performance, and lowest cost.



Advanced server offload
Standard Enterprise Platinum
Compute intensive task offload
Repetitive network processing offload
Surge protection and enforcement  
All-in-one solution      
Integrated system
Unified policy engine
Wire speed concurrent execution
Application acceleration      
TCP optimization
Advanced multilevel compression  
User experience monitor    
Dynamic content caching    
Open scalable platform      
Single software architecture
Multi-core, multi-processor design
Intel-based design
End-to-end web security      
Secure remote access
Content rewrite
Day Zero attack prevention    
Integrated XML security    
DoS shield    
Authentication, authorization, and audit  
XenMobile NetScaler Connector
AppExpert Framework      
Visual policy builder
Preconfigured app templates
Easy application configuration
Centralized management  
Dynamic workload response      
Overload sense and alert
Activate capacity on demand
Full app networking metrics visibility
Load balancing      
L4 load balancing
Intelligent content switching
High availability (HA)
GSLB for web and client server applications  
Database Load Balancing
Traffic Domains
Compression and caching      
Industry standard browser compression  
Intelligent cache redirect  
Static and dynamic content cache    
Web 2.0 optimization      
Rich Internet application support
Advanced server offload