Easy remote desktop access to your Mac or PC

Citrix GoToMyPC allows you to access your computer from anywhere on any device. Increase business productivity by allowing employees to work in their familiar desktop environments remotely, improving morale, employee retention and work flexibility.

GoToMyPC Product Overview (1:05)

Ease of use and administration

Manage users, control access and track activity across your company with clear account controls. Even better, GoToMyPC is simple to deploy. Send employees an automated email with an activation link and that’s it. No training necessary.

GoToMyPC Administration

Anytime access

With GoToMyPC, you can work remotely just as if you were at your desk. So when weather, traffic or illness makes getting to the office tough, your team can still be productive with remote access. You get less downtime, more flexibility and happier employees.

Maximum security

Our strict security and encryption measures ensure your data is protected. You can also enforce security settings like one-time passwords and two-factor authentication to further safeguard your network.


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