CloudPlatform Tech Info

CloudPlatform provides a single platform for all your cloud provisioning services, enabling you to orchestrate every workload—traditional enterprise or cloud-native applications. This flexible architecture allows you to address the short and long-term requirements of your users and your business objectives.

What makes CloudPlatform different?

Cloud Platform is the industry’s only future-proofed, application-centric cloud solution proven to reliably and efficiently orchestrate both traditional enterprise workloads and cloud application workloads – including vGPU-based 3D graphics applications.

How do I deploy CloudPlatform?

Get started today with your CloudPlatform deployment with these easy to use architecture and installation resources. A free 90 day trial of CloudPlatform is also available.

Cloud Master Classes

Step-by-step lab exercises that walk you through the entire installation and configuration process.

CloudPlatform 101 Master Class (3:00:40)

Whether you are an Enterprise or a Cloud Service Provider this webinar is perfect for you. Learn more about the Citrix CloudPlatform solution and technology as you follow our step by step lab exercises and interact with our Cloud product experts. In this CloudPlatform Master Class 101 we will walk you through the entire installation and implementation process of a CloudPlatform environment. Discussion will include: -Installing CloudPlatform -Building your Cloud infrastructure -Defining your configuration offerings -Creating your new Cloud virtual machines -Setting-up multi-tenant isolation with security groups -Defining your self-service limits -You have now built your Cloud, so what's next...?

Installing and Configuring CloudPlatform Master Class (3:32:49)

Learn more about the Citrix CloudPlatform solution and technology as you follow our step by step lab exercises and interact with our cloud product experts. What you will learn: Installing CloudPlatform, building your cloud infrastructure, defining your configuration offerings, creating your new cloud virtual machines, setting-up multi-tenant isolation with security groups and defining your self-service limits.

Cloud Master Class: Getting Started (3:32:49)

Learn how to install and configure CloudPlatform in less than an hour and a half in this step-by-step video. Then stay tuned for useful tips and a look at some of our partners.

Let a Citrix Cloud Provider help you

Citrix Cloud Providers can deliver customized solutions that align with your cloud strategy.

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Business Storefront and Application Templates

UShareSoft: Cloud self-service and image management (19:09)

Hear from James Weir, CTO, how UShareSoft UForge provides you a turnkey, software delivery platform for your software images, providing your end users with easy to use catalog of applications.


EnterpriseDB: Database built for the cloud (13:20)

Hear from Sean Doherty, Vice President of Business Development at EnterpriseDB, how the PostgreSQL Plus Cloud Database delivers a robust, cost-efficient, database-as-a-service environment for Citrix CloudPlatform and Apache CloudStack.

ScaleGrid: NoSQL on Apache CloudStack (8:18)

Hear from Dharshan Rangegowda, Co-Founder at ScaleGrid, on how they provide NoSQL as a service for your public and private cloud.

Xeround: A Ridiculously Simple, Seriously Powerful Cloud Database (16:40)

Hear from Razi Sharir, CEO at Xeround, as he talks about the Xeround cloud database solution and the integration with Citrix CloudPlatform.

Datacenter Server Platform

Alcatel-Lucent: High Performance, Carrier-Grade Solutions for the Cloud (9:02)

Hear Debbie Bradshaw from the Alcatel-Lucent CloudBand Product Marketing team describe how to combine the power and flexibility of the cloud with the high performance, reliability, and security of the communications network.

Cisco: Simplified cloud infrastructure with UCS and CloudPlatform (18:18)

Hear from Roger Barlow, Product Manager at Cisco, how the Cisco UCS reference architecture for Citrix CloudPlatform, can help you reduce the time it takes to manage a cloud infrastructure.

Dev/Ops and Automation

Electric Cloud: Enabling smart dev-test clouds (20:42)

Hear from Prathap Dendi, VP of Business Development, how Electric Cloud provides a solution for devops that automates and accelerates the dev-test-deploy process, thereby reducing the overall development lifecycle.

Racemi: Migrate your servers to Apache CloudStack clouds (10:04)

Hear from Adiascar Cisneros, Director of Operations, how Racemi DynaCenter can help you migrate your workloads between dissimilar physical, virtual, or cloud platforms within minutes.

Disaster Recovery

Vision Solutions : Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery and Cross-Hypervisor Migration (15:52)

Hear Karthik Balachandran on the Product Strategy team at Vision Solutions discuss cloud-based disaster recovery and cross-hypervisor migration.

Management and Monitoring

Amysta: Cloud Usage Visibility and Cost Control (9:54)

Hear from Pierre Vacherand, CEO of Amysta, how Amysta ChargeBack enables usage visibility and cost governance for private and hybrid clouds.

CA Nimsoft: Comprehensive Management and Monitoring for the Cloud (13:12)

Hear Lax Sakalkale, Senior Director of Product Management for CA Technologies, describe how CA Nimsoft Monitor for Citrix CloudPlatform provides the coverage, insights and automation that administrators need to practically and efficiently monitor dynamic cloud environments.

AppDynamics: Next generation cloud application performance management (16:46)

Hear from Steve Burton, Technology Evangelist at AppDynamics, discuss how the AppDynamics solution helps you get code-level visibility into your cloud application in minutes.

AppFirst: Visibility into your Citrix CloudPlatform (12:13)

Hear from Pamela Roussos, CMO, how the AppFirst solution enables you to get full stack visibility into your systems, apps, and business metrics in minutes.

enStratus: Enterprise cloud management (7:11)

Hear from Danalynne Wheeler, Marketing Manager, how enStratus enables you to have a single point of control for implementation of governance policies and control for your hybrid cloud deployment.

RightScale: Making cloud manageable (16:32)

Hear from Vijay Tolani, Sales Engineer, how the RightScale myCloud solution helps you build, deploy and manage your hybrid cloud deployment.

Scalr: Cloud Management (21:12)

Hear from Sebastian Stadil, Founder and CEO, how Scalr provides cloud management solutions for your public and private cloud infrastructure.

Zenoss: Unified Cloud Monitoring (19:56)

Hear from Floyd Strimling, Chief Evangelist, how Zenoss Service Dynamics provides you a unified monitoring solution for your hybrid cloud deployment, for a single solution that manages your cloud across hardware, software, orchestration and provisioning.


BigSwitch: Software-defined networking for the cloud (19:23)

Hear from Omar Baldonado, Head of Product Management, how software defined networking from BigSwitch enables you to accelerate cloud services delivery, increase compute utilization, and increase the agility of your cloud.


Apprenda: Develop, Deploy, and Run Enterprise Cloud Applications (19:09)

Hear from Garry Olah, Vice President of Business Development for Apprenda, how organizations can transform their existing infrastructure into a self-service cloud application platform using private Platform-as-a-Service.

Activestate: Private Platform-as-a-Service with Stackato (14:39)

Hear from John Wetherill, Developer Evangelist at Activestate as he discusses how to enable a private Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution with Stackato.

Cloudsoft: Multi-cloud management (15:31)

Hear from Duncan Johnston-Watt, Founder and CEO at Cloudsoft, how to enable the deployment, management and governance of business critical applications across multiple clouds.

Cumulogic: Platform-as-a-Service for Citrix CloudPlatform (17:08)

Learn from Mike Soby, President, how Cumulogic provides a Citrix-ready solution for Platform as a Service (PaaS) to manage the critical middleware components that exist between CloudPlatform and enterprise applications.

Security and Identity Management

Telesign: Preventing online fraud with phone-based verification (13:42)

Hear from Dean Nicholls, VP of Marketing at Telesign, helps you protect your cloud services from online fraud and spam using the most widely deployed technology — a user’s phone.

Trend Micro: Securing your data in the cloud (21:22)

Hear from Dan Reis, Director of Product Marketing, how Trend Micro SecureCloud delivers data encryption and key management for your cloud.

Server and Application Migration

Appcara: Accelerating cloud adoption by streamlining the app onramp (8:09)

Hear from John Yung, Founder and CEO at Appcara discuss how Appcara helps ease the onramp of new and existing enterprise apps to the cloud.

River Meadow: Automated server migration (9:58)

Hear from Scott Colgan, VP of Marketing at River Meadow, how enCloud SaaS and Citrix CloudPlatform delivers and end-to-end cloud computing and customer on-boarding platform for cloud service providers.


Basho: Riak Cloud Storage for Citrix CloudPlatform (15:27)

Hear from Shanley Kane, Director of Product Management at Basho, how the Riak Cloud Storage solution with Citrix CloudPlatform enables you to have highly available storage and compute for your public and private clouds.

Caringo: Easy to manage cloud storage for Citrix (21:15)

Hear from Mike Melson, Director of Product Marketing, how Caringo integrates with Citrix CloudPlatform and CloudPortal to provide cost effective, massively scalable cloud storage.

Cloudian: Cloud storage, bedrock of an Amazon-style cloud (16:23)

Bob DeFeo, VP of Business Development and Sales at Cloudian, discusses how Cloudian S3 object storage, helps you to take advantage of hybrid cloud deployments while achieving greater benefits than file-based storage systems.

Inktank: Massively scalable storage with CloudPlatform and Ceph (16:25)

Hear from Ross Turk, VP of Community at Inktank, how Ceph provides massive scalable open storage for the cloud.

SolidFire: Advancing how the world uses the cloud (16:47)

Hear from Adam Carter, Director of Product Management, how the SolidFire all-SSD storage system is uniquely architected for a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure.

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