Application-centric cloud orchestration for any workload

Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack, is the industry’s only future-proofed, application-centric cloud solution proven to reliably and efficiently orchestrate both traditional enterprise and cloud-native application workloads – including vGPU-based 3D graphics applications – within a single unified cloud management platform.

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Transforming your datacenter with cloud (1:54)

Top 5 considerations when picking a cloud architecture

Top 5 considerations when picking a cloud architecture

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Simple, turn-key
cloud orchestration

CloudPlatform is the only cloud orchestration platform that enables you to quickly and efficiently build a future-proofed cloud. It is a turn-key solution based on an open and flexible architecture that is designed to run every application workload at scale and with simplicity.

Simple, turn-key cloud orchestration (3:12)

CloudPlatform is a proven, turn-key cloud orchestration solution that makes it easy to build, manage and deliver highly scalable private, public and hybrid clouds. Enterprises and service providers can quickly and efficiently launch brand new production clouds at scale using their existing infrastructure.


Deliver every application workload

Future proof your cloud by orchestrating every application workload — traditional enterprise or cloud-native — from the only application-centric cloud platform so you can address the requirements of today and tomorrow. The hardware agnostic approach lets you leverage existing investments and lets you chose the virtualization, storage and networking solutions that are right for your cloud.

Different workloads, different architectures, one solution (4:59)

A live white-boarding session where the cloud team talks about the different types of application workloads that run in the cloud, how they are architected and how Citrix CloudPlatform can deliver any type of workload.

Future proofing your cloud strategy for any workload (2:09)

Learn about Citrix's cloud strategy for enabling an application-centric approach to cloud orchestration for any application workload, traditional or cloud native.

Cloud provisioning for
enterprise applications  

Run complex enterprise application workloads with best-in-class virtualization and networking. CloudPlatform delivers true private cloud isolation, ensures SLA levels and meters usage and availability for running mission critical workloads in the cloud. For faster, more agile management and operations of XenDesktop and XenApp environments, enterprises deploying CloudPlatform can leverage its cloud-based workload provisioning, or stage development, testing and production in a consistent way. This eases the application development and publishing processes.

Enabling traditional enterprise application workloads with CloudPlatform (2:34)

Learn why Citrix CloudPlatform is the best enterprise cloud foundation for leveraging existing investments and meeting enterprise isolation, virtualization and SLAs requirements for running mission critical application workloads.

Cloud provisioning for enterprise applications

Integrated desktop cloud provisioning for XenDesktop or XenApp environments

XenDesktop and XenApp customers gain enhanced manageability, predictability and flexibility through a common management framework that simplifies and automates the provisioning and management of large-scale XenDesktop and XenApp environments, including multi-tenant, multi-site, and hybrid-cloud implementations.

Scale up, out and in automatically with cross-workload AutoScale

Citrix NetScaler combined with Citrix CloudPlatform enables automatic and dynamic load balancing and scaling of your infrastructure. No manual intervention is needed for real-time workload balancing, and additional infrastructure resources are provisioned as needed.

Learn more in the AutoScaling Master Class (1:04:28)

Join our presenters Marc Trouard-Riolle, Dave Potter and Danny Phillips in the latest presentation of the Citrix Cloud Master Class series as they discuss the “better together” aspects of Citrix CloudPlatform and NetScaler. NetScaler integration with CloudPlatform builds on the extensive networking capabilities already provided natively within the virtual router, by adding additional functionality. In this session, we will take a look at one aspect of that additional functionality: automatic scaling, or AutoScale, of CloudPlatform workloads. Learn about use cases that can benefit from auto-scaling: M&A, new product
launch, high-availability and disaster recovery. Understand hypervisor, storage and networking considerations related to auto-scaling. See a step-by-step demonstration of configuring CloudPlatform and NetScaler to automatically scale data center resources up, out and back as workloads and resource requirements change.


Open and flexible cloud architecture

Based on open source Apache CloudStack, CloudPlatform is the industry’s most flexible and open cloud orchestration platform. Leverage industry standard Amazon Web Service APIs and a rich partner ecosystem to expand and integrate value-added solutions and services.

Open and flexible cloud orchestration (2:10)

Based on open source Apache CloudStack, CloudPlatform is the industry's most flexible and open cloud orchestration platform. Leverage industry standard Amazon Web Service APIs and the rich partner ecosystem to expand and integrate value added solutions and services.

Amazon-style scalability
and operations

Designed for the new generation of cloud-native application workloads, CloudPlatform delivers Amazon-like availability, storage and networking. Proven at over 40,000 hosts per region, CloudPlatform provides true cloud scalability, elasticity and management efficiency.

Enabling cloud native application workloads (2:39)

Learn how Citrix CloudPlatform delivers Amazon style operations and scale beyond 40,000 hosts per region with a simple approach to cloud management and all of the availability, storage and networking capabilities required for running massive cloud workloads.

CloudPlatform helps solve today’s top IT and business challenges

Leverage infinite scale and flexibility across private and public clouds

Defining a cloud computing strategy for your enterprise (2:57)

Cloud computing is driving an amazing amount of interest by enterprise organizations. With the ability to increase agility, deploy new solutions faster, and reduce costs, the cloud is driving a paradigm shift in IT strategy and infrastructure. In this video, Sameer Dholakia, VP and GM of the Citrix Cloud Division, talks about best practices for enterprises developing a cloud computing strategy, and how Citrix cloud solutions can help get a cloud business up and running quickly.

Build clouds the way the world's most innovative and successful clouds are designed

Introduction to Citrix Cloud Solutions (23:45)

Learn about how Citrix Cloud Solutions can enable a hybrid cloud for your organization including the ability to deploy a private cloud deployed on-premise in your organization and secure connectivity to public cloud providers.

The time for cloud is now (2:49)

The transition to the cloud era gives service providers a tremendous business opportunity to offer enterprises a new breed of cloud services. Some of the largest and most innovative providers in the world are already taking advantage of this opportunity and Citrix is powering their clouds. In this video, Sameer Dholakia, VP and GM of the Citrix Cloud Division, talks about our experience with these cloud pioneers, the unique needs and challenges that Service Providers face, and how Citrix cloud solutions can help get a cloud business up and running quickly.

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