Combine WAN optimization and WAN virtualization with SD-WAN

Citrix CloudBridge enables enterprises to software-define their WANs by combining the intelligence of WAN virtualization, WAN optimization and application management into one comprehensive solution. With CloudBridge SD-WAN, enterprises can ensure application availability while reducing delivery costs.

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What is WAN Virtualization? (1:18)

Deploy WAN virtualization for more scalable, cost effective and reliable application delivery

Virtualize the WAN using a variety of connectivity options (MPLS, Ethernet, DSL, or wireless) for a more scalable, cost effective and cloud-ready approach to mobile workspace delivery.

Improve the virtual desktop experience and branch office networking for users through application acceleration

Accelerate XenApp, XenDesktop and traditional enterprise applications, and optimize video delivery without straining your enterprise WAN.

Amplify your WAN optimization or WAN virtualization deployment with application visibility to ensure optimal performance

Leverage the unique measurement and reporting capabilities of CloudBridge to understand application performance for improved visibility, troubleshooting and bandwidth management to accelerate application delivery.

HDX Insight Intro for Citrix CloudBridge and NetScaler (1:38)

This video provides a short introduction to HDX Insight for CloudBridge and NetScaler. There is a longer version that provides more detail and more images of the GUI.

Simplify branch office networking with CloudBridge

Combine WAN optimization with an integrated Microsoft Windows Server to simplify the branch office. Layer in Citrix Ready applications to move cost-effectively to a cloud-enabled architecture for your branch locations.

Learn about the CloudBridge CSX solution (2:39)

This video provides a quick overview of the CloudBridge CSX solution,
including brief summaries of the CSX partners Qumu, Talon, and Cortado.

Accelerate storage replication and data delivery

Ensure complete security for data in motion between the corporate datacenter and branches to third-party clouds while delivering services on-demand to users.

Citrix Solutions enabled by CloudBridge


Cloud Networking

Create a service delivery fabric for maximum performance, availability and scale 

“We’ve achieved astonishing results with CloudBridge, such as a five-fold improvement in application performance over limited bandwidth.”

Jamie Schofield
Groupe Promutuel

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