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The challenge

KIVBF, a German IT provider for local cities and counties, advises and supports customers from implementation through to ongoing application and user support. To keep costs down and service quality high, the company needs to deliver individualized solutions without having to build dedicated silos and processes for each customer.

The result

Citrix cloud services solutions power a standardized cloud architecture for SaaS that has transformed the way KIVBF serves customers. The company now delivers applications, desktops and infrastructure as services, using a dedicated pricing model, full automation and self-provisioning to drive down costs and increase service quality.

The Products


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IDC Frontier

IDC Frontier provides managed and self-service cloud computing and datacenter solutions to more than 1,000 business customers across Japan. Facing a rising demand for solutions that went beyond colocation and network services, the company launched Japan’s first public cloud service on Citrix cloud services solutions. Now, IDC Frontier offers a full range of affordable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions to drive cloud innovation in the Japanese market.


Datapipe, a global computing and IT services provider, strives to provide customers with extremely fast provisioning times at a high level of service. Citrix solutions help the company meet both goals through a flexible architecture for delivering public, private and hybrid cloud services. Meanwhile, Citrix collaboration, networking and virtualization solutions help Datapipe manage and quickly scale its business in line with customer demand.

KT Corporation

KT, a leading telecommunications company in South Korea, plays a key role in the country’s advancement of IT. Citrix solutions help KT foster a corporate culture where its employees can work and collaborate any time, from anywhere, to drive value for customers. The same solutions also help KT deliver the performance, flexibility and ease of management its customers demand—at a much lower cost than other service providers.


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