Accelerate and secure network performance anywhere

University of Sao Paulo (USP)

The challenge

The University of Sao Paulo stands at the forefront of education and research in Brazil. With more than 100,000 students, faculty, staff and researchers across 11 campuses, USP needed its delivery of cloud services to meet a similarly high standard.

The result

USP uses Citrix cloud, networking and virtualization solutions to enable mobility and self-service IT provisioning from anywhere, on any device. Users can access the hardware and software they need in minutes, greatly accelerating procurement in a secure, flexible, highly manageable and scalable environment. For students, USP’s cloud services are part of a world-class educational experience.

The products


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As the world’s largest online betting exchange, London-based Betfair faces frequent, extreme spikes in network traffic as customers place wagers on global sporting events. With Citrix networking solutions, the company can handle millions of page impressions per minute with lightning responsiveness, while reducing total bandwidth costs.

Clark Builders

As a provider of general contracting and construction management services across western and northern Canada, Clark fields a highly mobile workforce across more than sixty active project sites at a time. Citrix networking and virtualization solutions help the company manage and deliver IT resources across teams and locations from suburban office parks to the Arctic Circle.

ND SatCom

As a leading provider of satellite telecommunications, ND SatCom operates across widely distributed branch offices, making new software rollouts costly and complex. The company uses Citrix networking and virtualization solutions to centrally manage applications, quickly and cost-effectively--across the globe.