Reduce business costs with workplace redesign

Workplace redesign replaces traditional cubicles with open workspaces, collaboration areas and creative meeting spaces. As a part of today’s digital business transformation, workplace redesign requires a digital workspace. People are more creative and more productive when they can securely access apps and data anywhere throughout the redesigned workplace. Drive digital business transformation with secure and accessible digital workspaces, available on any device.

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Workplace redesign lowers real estate costs with better space utilization. It reduces HR onboarding and reorganization costs, and also supports growth without the need to add more cubicles. Citrix Workspace Suite lets businesses embrace digital workspaces by allowing employees to work remotely—at home, at a hotel desk or in a group collaboration space.

Digital business transformation improves customer satisfaction and employee engagement. People can collaborate in any location, accessing business apps and data using Citrix Workspace Suite. A Citrix digital workspace fosters open communication and collaboration between employees and reduces hierarchical behavior. Workers are more engaged, helping businesses attract and retain top talent.

Workplace redesign drives innovation with creative, flexible office spaces that integrate modern designs and stimulate cross-functional interaction. Employees can seamlessly move from a laptop at a hotel desk to a tablet in a collaboration space, picking up work exactly where they left off. Citrix Workspace Suite allows you to embrace innovation with people-centric digital workspaces that inspire creativity and demonstrate employee empowerment.

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Citrix Workspace Suite

  • Supports workplace transformation and enables individual and group productivity with secure access to corporate apps, files and IT resources throughout the office.
  • Allows workers to move throughout the office as needed with a consistent experience to access corporate resources from anywhere.
  • Lowers real estate costs through more efficient utilization by employees, contractors, consultants, and vendors.


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