Improve customer experience with secure virtual workspaces

Customer experience management depends on technology that can help employees provide better customer service, secure customer data and provide opportunities to grow revenue. Secure virtual workspaces help IT control secure technology solutions for application and desktop virtualization, file sharing, mobility and networking. With an integrated digital workspace, IT can help organizations provide better customer service, securely accommodate contract and mobile workers, and drive competitive advantage. Citrix Workspace Suite is the only single-vendor solution to offer all the key technologies necessary to securely deliver apps, desktops and data to users on any device.

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Improve and streamline customer experience management with secure digital workspace technology. When key business information is at their fingertips, employees can offer high quality patient care at a thin client terminal, send an insurance quote from a smartphone or check inventory from a tablet on the retail store floor. A digital workspace with Citrix Workspace Suite improves customer service, which drives revenue and company growth.

With an integrated digital workspace, you can securely grow and protect the business. Digital workspaces accommodate contract and mobile workers by extending security beyond the corporate network to the endpoint to keep sensitive data protected and provide better customer service. Citrix Workspace Suite is the only end user computing solution for mobile, web, Windows and Linux apps, plus flexible file sync and sharing.

Citrix Workspace Suite lets you control app and data access across any location, network and device. With an integrated and secure virtual workspace solution, you can manage risk while empowering business mobility across devices.

Experience superior BYOD security with end point analysis and adaptive access control policies.

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Citrix Workspace Suite

  • Offers a truly integrated solution, including networking, file sharing and secure mobile access
  • Leverages existing IT investments and user preferences with no limits on devices
  • Creates options for simple, integrated cloud-based deployment and management to any cloud


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