Understanding your Citrix Workspace entitlement

An introduction to Citrix Secure Private Access (formerly Citrix Secure Workspace Access)

Your Citrix Workspace entitlement is built on industry-leading workspace products like Citrix Secure Private Access. Using a zero trust approach to securely access corporate, web, SaaS and virtual applications, Citrix Secure Private Access delivers better security without inhibiting user access.

Minimize attack vectors without limiting employee productivity with zero trust

Get advanced security controls for managed, unmanaged, and BYO devices

Control app access contextually based on where and how they’re used

Provide secure access to internal apps with a zero trust approach

Monitor access to apps no matter where they’re deployed—on premises or in the cloud—with zero trust security, a VPN alternative that offers a better, easier way to secure access to browser-based apps.

  • Meet the needs of your distributed workforce

    Protect your data without limiting productivity no matter when, where or how users access your applications 

  • Reduce your attack surface

    Provide access at the application layer to securely deliver apps and data to users without exposing assets to external discovery

  • Secure BYO devices

    Automatically direct users to Citrix Remote Browser Isolation (formerly Citrix Secure Browser) based on their context and configure device options to scramble keystrokes and guard against screenshot malware

  • Improve the user experience

    Provide SSO access that can be adapted to individual device activity for end-to-end contextual security

Simplify and secure user access

Improve security and the experience for users and IT with unified access control. Reduce risk, gain more control over user access and behavior, and get deeper insights across your entire application landscape.

Access everything with a single click

Improve the user experience by providing SSO to every app and file so users have fewer passwords for hackers to exploit

Secure SaaS and web apps

Empower IT with insight and control over how users interact with apps to better protect against data infiltration

Contain threats and enhance productivity

Let users browse the web without restriction while keeping user credentials and sensitive information protected

Implement zero trust security with a single solution

Protect users, apps and data with end-to-end contextual access. Deliver the access employees need to do their best work while safeguarding against internal attacks with a zero trust approach. Contextual awareness grants access to authorized users based on identity, time, location and device posture.

Reduce your surface attacks

Get an end-to-end zero trust solution to avoid the gaps created by point solutions and protect users and apps

Enable remote access without VPN

Enable users to remotely access web applications deployed on premises using any device without providing access the entire network

Secure devices

Give IT advanced contextual management tools to thwart threats like malicious URLs, keyloggers or screen-capturing malware

Keep your data safe—and your users happy

Improve security without compromising productivity with advanced contextual security and a zero trust approach. See what you can achieve with Citrix Secure Private Access, just one of the powerful core components of Citrix Workspace.

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