Understanding your Citrix Workspace entitlement

An introduction to Citrix Microapps

Your Citrix Workspace entitlement is built on industry-leading workspace products like Citrix Workspace Microapps. Instead of customizing full-featured corporate apps, use Citrix Workspace to create streamlined microapps, giving users a faster way to get work done.

Help users by simplifying functionality of complex enterprise applications, such as finding IT resources and facilitating HR self-service

Reduce service case volume and improve process efficiency

No development tools needed

Simplify online collaboration regardless of where data is stored

Provide access to documents anywhere from any device no matter where they’re stored. Let users share important files securely and seamlessly to streamline workflows.

  • Develop custom microapps

    Create microapps for any application whose data can be accessed through a web services endpoint

  • Save time and stay focused

    Develop app-based productivity solutions without limiting your attention on other mission-critical activities

IT Self-Service

Enable employees to find the IT resources they need when they need them with a new portfolio of IT microapps in Citrix Workspace.

  • Reduce time spent on IT tasks
  • Improve employee satisfaction with IT services

View the IT Self-Service Microapp Demo

HR Self-Service

Rethink your people strategies with HR self-service workflows, differentiating the business with a best-in-class employee experience.

  • Improve process efficiency
  • Equip employees to do their best work

View the HR Self-Service Microapp Demo

Take advantage of out-of-the-box integrations

Give users a faster way to get work done with preconfigured microapps. Choose from over 100 out-of-the-box microapp workflows, including popular SaaS apps like Tableau, SAP Concur and ServiceNow.

  • Streamline productivity

    Allow users to see and interact with content without needing to launch a full application or switch context

  • Simplify employee communication

    Use preconfigured templates to broadcast news, offer employee resources, propose surveys and polls, and deliver peer-to-peer recognition

Keep costs in check

Save your organization from expensive tech investments. Microapps require less time and fewer resources to create the functionality users need.

  • Put the power in your hands

    Save money with low-code, self-serve microapps development

  • Go global for less

    Citrix Microapps feature multi-language support for global teams

Citrix changes what it means to work in Hollands Kroon

In the Netherlands’ Hollands Kroon region, Citrix is innovating how local government employees operate. Work is measured by output and results, not hours, and employees work from home and choose their own hours.

Microapps play a large role in this flexible work culture, giving users and IT administrators self-service access to applications when they need them, such as allowing users to log their own IT tickets and automating the onboarding process for new users.

Learn more about how Citrix solutions helped Hollands Kroon lead the way in work innovation.

Easier on IT—better for users

Don’t wreck your budget or waste your time on clunky or bloated corporate apps. Give users exactly what they need for less with Citrix Microapps, just one of the powerful core components of Citrix Workspace.

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