Understanding your Citrix Workspace entitlement

An introduction to Citrix Endpoint Management

Your Citrix Workspace entitlement is built on industry-leading workspace products like Citrix Endpoint Management. With this unified endpoint management solution, employees can work how, when and where they want while you manage every app, device and platform in one place.

Let employees use personal devices with more security

Build a better workspace experience for mobile and remote users

Extend the capabilities of existing Microsoft Endpoint Manager deployments

Manage and secure every endpoint from the same console

Create a simple, secure and easy-to-manage workspace experience

Seven in 10 data breaches still originate on user devices.1 Citrix Endpoint Management eliminates the need to juggle multiple management platforms, instead providing you with centralized oversight and management of all devices accessing your data. It also gives your users a more cohesive experience so they can avoid compromising workarounds and risky behavior.


Onboard endpoints with ease

Employ dedicated device enrollment programs to supervise devices during activation and give users the flexibility to self-enroll

Protect against mobile threats

Provide easy access to apps on mobile devices with single sign-on (SSO) and multifactor authentication

Stay ahead of high-risk activity

Get device compliance and security insights through Citrix Analytics to detect anomalies and prevent threats

Enable seamless, secure collaboration

Ensure connectivity for mobile employees, set sharing policies to protect files, and let employees collaborate securely from any device in tandem with Citrix Content Collaboration

Enhance your Microsoft Endpoint Manager deployment

Get more features and flexibility from Microsoft Office 365. Close potential security gaps in your O365 EMS and Microsoft Endpoint Manager deployments and support a wider range of apps, devices and operating systems, including Chrome OS.

Provide smart, secure access

Choose from over 200 O365 mobile device management policies to automate responses to how, when and where users access apps and data

Get more control over corporate data

Keep resources safe with double encryption and direct-from-Exchange email access and simplify mobile access for users with native integration and SSO

Simplify management

Manage, deploy and configure O365 apps in the Citrix Workspace console for faster administration, better security and streamlined IT workflows

Simplify IT with unified endpoint management

Manage and monitor mobile, traditional and IoT endpoints without dozens of separate dashboards and reports. Citrix Endpoint Management provides a consolidated console to give you a single view of multidevice users and unify device configurations, data protection and usage policies.

Improve IT agility

Use a policy framework to manage devices, apps, files and network access in a centralized location and integrate with Okta and Azure to keep your existing identity and access infrastructure

Protect company information

Stolen smartphone? Compromised laptop? Go beyond device and app security to protect corporate resources with micro-VPN and an added layer of encryption

Simplify technology integration

Easily integrate large user groups and quickly configure each endpoint’s profile and device settings

Transform the workspace experience from every endpoint

Centralize and strengthen endpoint security. Enable employees to work securely anywhere on any device. Safeguarding corporate resources from compromised endpoints. Redefine what it means to work with Citrix Endpoint Management, just one of the powerful core components of Citrix Workspace.

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