Understanding your Citrix Workspace entitlement

An introduction to Citrix Content Collaboration

Your Citrix Workspace entitlement is built on industry-leading workspace products like Citrix Content Collaboration. With this powerful file sharing and data repository, organizations of all sizes no longer need to choose between security and an agile workforce. Users can manage and share documents from anywhere, while you ensure sensitive data stays protected.

Streamline document workflows for faster collaboration, feedback and approvals

Manage how sensitive files are stored, shared and accessed by every user

Extend the capabilities of existing Microsoft Endpoint Manager deployments

Combine the simplicity of personal file sharing with enterprise-grade security controls

Simplify online collaboration regardless of where data is stored

Provide access to documents anywhere from any device no matter where they’re stored. Let users share important files securely and seamlessly to streamline workflows.

Simplify data access

Provide secure access to multiple storage repositories, connect to legacy data systems and third-party cloud providers, and integrate with OneDrive, Google Drive and personal cloud file storage like Dropbox

Maximize storage flexibility

Select the right storage option for each file and ensure critical data is always available and backed up by bridging on-prem sharing to any device

Secure collaboration

Seamlessly share files with a secure link to the recipient so they can download quickly and securely, and configure permissions to control who is accessing data and when

Keep documents and data secure without limiting access

Manage all data and documents inside Citrix Content Collaboration to keep content accessible but still safe from a data breach.

Gain visibility into all document sharing

Control how users access, store and share sensitive files with configurable permissions and log, track and audit user activity to ensure compliance

Proactively detect threats

Detect risky behavior by users and recognize threats before they turn into breaches with Citrix Analytics, Citrix Content Collaboration’s customizable rules-based engine

Protect sensitive data

Integrate with data loss prevention systems like Symantec, McAfee and Forcepoint to enforce secure content sharing to prevent information leaks

Prevent unauthorized sharing

Add a layer of security to document sharing with information rights management (IRM), allowing file owners to add a watermark to prevent unauthorized screen captures or block recipients from downloading files

Break down bottlenecks with streamlined team collaboration

Digitize and automate repetitive feedback, approval and sign-off workflows. Citrix Content Collaboration helps users speed document approvals to boost productivity and reduce frustration.

Save time on every review

Ditch email approvals and automate document workflows, moving the document to each stakeholder for review and approval

Gather feedback in one place

Give users a shared view of each document, showing feedback, approvals, and version history in real time

Speed up legal approvals

Collect e-signatures easily on contracts, purchase orders, NDAs and more, cutting administration time by 93 percent

Finished documents—fast and secure

Don’t let clunky collaboration limit productivity. Ensure users can keep documents moving while you safeguard sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Collaboration has never been easier with Citrix Content Collaboration, just one of the powerful core components of Citrix Workspace.

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