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Empower your hybrid workforce and simplify IT management


Simplify IT and empower employees with digital workspaces

Hybrid work models have been shown to improve employee productivity, autonomy, and work-life balance, which is why most companies have decided they’re here to stay. But the hybrid model, which gives employees the flexibility to use their choice of mobile devices, computers and networks, also poses serious security threats.

Whether your IT team is one person or 21, Citrix Workspace simplifies the job of managing apps, devices, users, and networks. It gives your employees a unified view of all their documents and applications, and protects company data with industry-leading security, activity monitoring, and analytics.

Choose from one of four pricing packages: Workspace Essentials, Workspace Standard, Workspace Premium, or Workspace Premium Plus. Or, work with us to design your own custom bundle.

Now more than ever, it’s time to simplify and secure hybrid work and unlock the full potential of your workforce. Learn more about Citrix Workspace.


Deliver the ease and convenience your hybrid employees need.

Hybrid models combine remote, semi-remote, and in-office work elements.


of company leaders plan to continue offering hybrid work models (Gartner) and 73% of workers want them to continue.

Source: Microsoft 2021 Work Trend Index


Build momentum with Citrix content collaboration solutions

Content collaboration is about a lot more than sharing files and folders. Both remote and in-office workers need active updates to keep them on the same page and the ability to get approvals and sign-offs to keep projects moving. Hybrid employees arriving home from the office want to seamlessly pick up where they left off. Team members and contractors require access to data and documents. And remote hires must be onboarded quickly and easily.

Ultimately, it all comes back  to one basic dichotomy: IT departments must facilitate collaboration between geographically diverse teams without exposing the company to a data breach or regulatory violation.

Citrix content collaboration solutions is an ideal solution for small and midsize businesses. From a single, unified workspace, teams collaborate across devices, locations, and networks with centralized document storage and simplified workflows. Free flowing information is kept secure - even when routed through third-party providers like Dropbox and Egnyte.

Learn more about Citrix content solutions.


of US executives plan to increase their investment in virtual collaboration tools, and 70% will boost spending on IT infrastructure that supports secure virtual connectivity.

Source: PWC Remote Work Survey, January 2021


Powerful and secure content collaboration at your fingertips.


Managing apps and desktops is virtually effortless

IT departments at many small and midsize businesses find themselves needing to do more with less, and hybrid work has only increased the pressure on them. Also, the boundaries between work life and home life continue to dissipate as companies rely more heavily on remote employees, and continuity between the office and outside environments increases in importance.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is a turnkey desktop as a service (DaaS) solution with the power to modernize your IT infrastructure and maximize efficiency. Using a cloud-based virtual desktop, DaaS enables you to give employees instant access to data and applications, which simplifies user management and improves security.

Citrix Application Delivery Management provides a holistic view of application delivery across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With one-click provisioning and easy access to details such as application performance, health, and security, it’s easy to troubleshoot and resolve issues, which means less downtime and happier, more productive users.

Learn more about Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops and Citrix Application Delivery Management.


of small and midsize business employees struggle with communications, team management and technology challenges just to maintain “business as usual”.

Source: OneCom


of companies need better automation capabilities in order to deploy applications faster.

Source: NetworkWorld


Easily onboard employees and provide instant access to virtual desktops.


Simple is secure, with single sign-on

Poor password practices are endemic - and there is a good reason. The average person has to keep track of 27 online logins, causing a third of us to forget a password at least once a week (Buzzfeed). To work around the problem, many people use the same password for multiple logins. Others store them in unsecured documents or resort to resetting them again and again.

Citrix Workspace includes single sign-on (SSO) with multi-factor authentication. It’s a simple and secure solution that puts an end to frustrating password management problems and eliminates dangerous workarounds that often lead to data breaches. With a better user experience, employees are more satisfied at work. As an added benefit, SSO protects against security threats associated with VPN and multiple logins.

Learn more about Workspace Essentials for SMBs.

Fueled by stolen credentials, attacks on web apps more than doubled to 43% of all data breaches in 2020.

Source: Verizon


Improve access and security with single sign-on


Protect your business with preventative security and powerful analytics

Hybrid work models boost autonomy and employee satisfaction, but they also increase the number of endpoints accessing your networks. Given the prevalence of phishing and hacking schemes, each new endpoint represents a considerable new security threat.

Citrix Analytics for Security and Citrix Secure Access are add-ons that put state-of-the-art security capabilities in the hands of small and midsize businesses. A combination of machine learning and automated real-time monitoring provides continuous oversight, so your system can detect and shut down anomalous behavior before a threat has time to materialize. Together with Citrix Workspace, our add-ons create an unprecedented level of security capabilities, enabling small and midsize businesses to safely manage a highly distributed hybrid workforce.

Learn more about Citrix Analytics for Security and Citrix Secure Access


Proactively identify and shut down security threats before they cause a problem.


of business breaches in 2020 were caused by outsiders, and 86% were financially motivated.

Source: Verizon

Unlock the potential of your hybrid workforce with Citrix Workspace.