Citrix + Wipro: Evolving the digital workplace to support the new future of work

Work-from-home has become the norm. It becomes even more imperative for service providers and technology providers to simplify technology to make it useful and effective for users. Digital workspaces focus on flexibility and employee experiences to do just that.

Watch the video to learn about:

  • How workplace technology is evolving to support new work models
  • An approach to drive employee engagement in remote work
  • How Wipro’s Workspace practice uses Citrix to add value

See how Citrix and Wipro are delivering digital workspaces that focus on employee experience

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e-book: IT + Remote works 

Wipro along with Citrix Workspace with intelligence allows us to give the same experience across different devices, cut away the complexities of understanding different applications, and dramatically reduce the training needed for new users. That’s really been a key business benefit that Wipro and Citrix provides to the customer.

Sujay Bhattacharya
General Manager & Global Head of Digital Workplace

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